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One report or dataset for multiple apps

Hi all,


We have group A (internal stakeholders) and group B (external). Right now, we have two reports that we want to share with both A and B, and multiple reports that are just for group A.


Now, we have created two apps, one for each group. So far, so good. 


The problem is that each of the two reports need to be published twice, once for group A and once for group B. Moreover, the data refresh doubles in time and effort and our SAP BW system lacks the resources (in terms of time) for this. Ideally, we would refresh the dataset just once so that both versions are updated.


Is there a solid work-around for this? I can't imagine that I am the only one with this challenge.


Thanks for any help!



Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: One report or dataset for multiple apps



No, it's not possible. Each dataset is within workspace wise on Power BI Service. You have to publish it to each workspace individually. 


In your scenario, I think you can create dashboards with this dataset. Then share the dashboards to both Groups. 


Reference: Share your Power BI dashboards with coworkers and others



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Re: One report or dataset for multiple apps

Hi Simon,


Thanks for your reply.


I do not really get it how this is efficient. Publishing it to each workspace individually means we would need to spend more resources on keeping each version up-to-date. Besides that, managing duplicates of an individual report in different workspaces is not advisable.


Will this be (partly) adressed in the coming months? Or should we stick to sharing dashboard with different groups?

gbards Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Re: One report or dataset for multiple apps



I am facing a similar issue in a deployment I am working on. I think this can be eased by doing the following.


1) Separate the model from the report pages. let's call this model.pbix

2) Use the onedrive\sharepoint file management to publish reports to the app content workspace

3) Create a report1.pbix and use the Power BI Service as the datasource (pointing to the model in 1)

4) you can then automate the copying of report1.pbix from content workspace a to content workspace b using onedrive & flow 


I think a solution like this would work .. would need to try it out and see if content workspace's can access each others dataset on the service and make sure there are no permission type issues. 


You may have already solved your issue, anyhow hope these thoughts may help.