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jrosemeyer New Member
New Member

On-premises data gateway service stopping

We have a couple different on-premises data gateway services running on a couple different servers. On one server in particular, the service seems to be randomly stopping at times. This seems to be happening a couple times per week. I log into the server and manually start it, but I haven't found a reason for this to happen. I have updated the gateway a couple times as new releases have come out, and this has not solved the problem.


One thing I just did this afternoon was set the service to try restarting on 2nd and 3rd failures. Hoping this might take care of the issue, but I thought I'd check with people here to see if anyone else has seen this issue.


Has anyone else seen this happen, and is there any resolution? Thank you.

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: On-premises data gateway service stopping

Hi @jrosemeyer


What is your gateway mode, is it in personal mode?

Where does your gateway install?  If you are installing on a laptop, and your laptop is turned off, not connected to the internet, or asleep the gateway won’t work and the data in the cloud service will not be synchronized with your on-premises data. 


What does it show when you find the gateway stopping, does it show a message such as “gateway is offline”?

What’s error about when you set the service but fail?


Best Regards