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Liszet Regular Visitor
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Number and date format - Service different from Desktop

I have create a data model in SSAS, deployed it to Azure Analysis Services Server and I am connecting to it through Direct Query in PBI Desktop and from there publishing it to PBI online. I am having problems with the formatting of the numbers and dates. In SSAS and Desktop they are showing formated correctly, after the Norwegian standards, whereas in Service it's showing based on US standards. See photos under. Where can I start to look in order to fix this? In PBI Desktop in Regional Settings I have set the model language to Norwegian and Application Language to English (US). Regional Settings aren't available because this file uses a live connection to another model. In SSAS, I have only managed to look as far as server properties in SSMS on the deployed server, and server language is set to English(US). Does this impact the regional settings?

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Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Number and date format - Service different from Desktop

Hi @Liszet

How about choosing your language as Norwegian standards in the Power BI service

1.In the Power BI service, select the Settings icon Settings icon > Settings.

2.On the General tab > Language.

3.Select your language > Apply.


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Liszet Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Number and date format - Service different from Desktop

Hey Maggie! Changing the language to Norwegian iin the service did work! From the description I wasn't really clear that the regional settings would also change


What's translated

Menus, buttons, messages, and other elements of the experience are translated into your language, making it easier to navigate and interact with Power BI. 



Thank you! But is there a way to keep the language to English and still make it show the European regional settings? I see that I can only choose one type of English. How is the difference made between US and UK (for date formatting ) in this case? Or in Canada?

I am just expecting that there's more European companies that want to keep the european regional settings and still have the language to English, the way it is possible in Desktop.