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Not receiving email via subscription



I have enabled subscription for a report and the same has been shown in the subscription tab as well.


However I havent receivd any email so far. I did it on day before yesterday, and contents have had changes, Is there any other steps I need to do to receive the email?





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Hi, I have the same problem and the setup is very similar. Did you manage to raise an incident? If so, did you get a solution?

Hi @Anonymous


I dint raise ticket.


Nt et resolved the issue.




Hi @shamsuddeenvp


Glad you got it resolved, can you share how it was resolved?  I don't know what Nt et stands for. 





Hi @mihart


Sorry, it was typo mistake. 


Its not yet resolved.




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We actually received a response from the Power BI team to check our mail server logs and found that it was being sent to the UPN address but the sender domain was being treated as suspicious so the mail was blocked.


The incident was thus raised as an issue with the Microsoft Exchange Server for them to correct this. We are still awaiting a response from the Microsoft exchange incident.


Hi , I am having the same issue.

Not receiving emails from my corporative email ( same domian as the login account). I have Power BI PRO, I am loading the info from a local excel file, and also receiving emails from when there is a refresh issue.


Do you know if still the described bug is pending to solve ? 


Thanks for your response, Cheers, 


This is a bug, according to this post. No news so far. But the issue described there is due to the fact that UPN and the E-Mail-address are not the same. If your UPN and E-Mail are the same, your issue is lilkely to have another cause.

@shamsuddeenvp, @Sokon, @Anonymous


I've spoken to the PM for this feature and he sent me the following information. Please let me know if this helps (or not).



1)      Did you check your spam/Clutter folders


2)      Do you know if your Azure Active Directory (AAD) User Principal Name (UPN) is different from your e-mail address? The UPN should be the username that you sign into Power BI with. Power BI sends emails to user’s UPN. In cases where UPN is different from e-mail address, and the UPN doesn’t accept emails, the user will not get the scheduled refresh email. Other Power BI emails may fails as well (e.g. refresh failures). In general, the guidance is that admins should configure their tenants such that users’ SMTP address should match their UPN.

Hi Fellow: 


Wanted to know if the subscription emails work if the source dataset is getting refreshed through OneDrive? 


I have a PBIX file which I have saved in OneDrive for Business folder. I then got onto PowerBI and used "Get Data"-->"From File"-->"From OneDrive for business"  and then imported it into PowerBI. 


Now whatever changes I make to that PBIX on OneDrive (through PBI Desktop), they are updated to the Dashboard automatically within an hour but the subscription mails don't seem to be going out even after I refreshed the data on PBI Desktop and saved  it. 


Is there something that I am doing wrong or missing on? 

Is your UPN different to your actual e-mail-address? If yes, then you probably are affected by the bug which is described here.

The problem seems not to be the data source itself but the fact that the Power BI cloud service seems to send the mails to your UPN.

Our UPN is same as our email ID and the whole organization is on Office365. 


Thanks for sharing the information though. Useful information. 

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Thanks for the reply.


1. Spam and Clutter are empty


2. We get emails on refresh failures so this cannot be the case.

Hi @Anonymous, @shamsuddeenvp, @Sokon,


I am checking with the PM for this feature and will post when I hear back from him. 




@shamsuddeenvp @Anonymous @Sokon,

OK, I got a quick response.  HEre is what he said:


This is a known issue that we’re working on fixing.


For now, the workaround if you are not receiving emails for data alerts and subscriptions is to ensure that your UPN can receive emails (see above). Unfortunately, we understand that this may be difficult or unfeasible for some users -- and the only recourse is to wait for the bug fix.



Thanks for the quick response! At least we know it IS a bug and you are working on it. That helps me tell my customers it's worth waiting.

  • I checked the spam folders before - no result. Usually we do get mails from other functionalities like "shared dashboard" and "you are added to a group", but we miss other mails like alert mails or subscirption mails.
  • UPN and email-addresses are different, yes. I'm not in the position to tell our admins how to administer their tenant - so that approach is likely to fail in my scenario. And because of the fact that we recieve some emails and some not, the behaviour seems to me more like a bug.

I added a related post to the "Issues"-Forum. Will be happy if you vote for it!




Can you tell us a bit more.  Where does the report live (where is it saved), what type of dataset is it? Did you set up refresh?




Thanks @mihart. This report is inmemory (import) delployed in It uses excel files as the data source which are placed in shared drive. This dataset is set for scheduled refresh.




Hi @shamsuddeenvp


A few more questions.  1. What trigger did you set for the alert and did the data reach the trigger?  2. Did you check the history to see if scheduled refresh ran successfully?   If you answered "yes" to both questions, the next step would be to look at the logs on the backend to see what happened.  For that, I'd need to refer you to one of our PMs.  Let me know.



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