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twilkerson Visitor

No Other Users Can View the Data

First off I'm relatively new to Pwoer BI.


Right now I have report that I share via an email link with my manager. He's able to log in and see the outline of the report but the data is blank. and shows an error.




When I log onto Power BI online and follow the link the data loads without an issue.


Currently the data used in the report is held in a Dropbox currently located on my computer which he has access too. We have moved the Dropbox to a local server but he is still unable to view thae data.

Super User
Super User

Re: No Other Users Can View the Data

Hi there

Do you have any Roles created for your dataset? It appears it might be Row Level Security

To double check in the Power BI Service, go to datasets, then click on the three dots "..." and if there is an option click on Security.

If you get the above it is Row Level Security that is stopping the manager from viewing the data.

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