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Continued Contributor

Needed to click "Refresh" button in report -- why?

I am in the US West region. I have a colleague in London. 


She had been in the Power BI service; going into an app; opening a report; and applying a filter using a slicer. She insisted the numbers were wrong/out of date. 


I followed the same steps, and showed her my results. She was right; I saw the "correct" numbers -- the numbers she was expecting to see.


I had her go back to the app home page, open the report again, to start from scratch. To ensure she didn't accidentally have some other filters applied. She applied the exact same filters as I had. She got the wrong/out of date numbers, still!


It made no sense to me. I double-checked that all the filters were the same. I suggested she click Power BI's "Refresh" button, in the Power BI toolbar in the report view. It worked! Now, she was seeing the same numbers that I was seeing.


But why did she have to click the "Refresh" button? She said she had been seeing the same ("wrong") numbers for several hours. Multiple times, she had closed the report and re-opened it, always seeing the "wrong" numbers.


It is likely that a scheduled refresh of the dataset had occurred during these hours she was logged in. But she closed and re-opened the report after the latest dataset refresh, and it was still showing the wrong/out of date numbers. Why?


Is it because she was looking at the report earlier in the day, and the report results got cached for her session? So, even though a scheduled refresh occurred...while she was still logged in...when she opened the report again, later in the was showing her the cached results?

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I don't mind clicking the refresh, but I'd like to add this button to my report and I can't figure out how to do so. I'm running a report on large touchscreens in full screen mode and want to add a refresh button to the report instead of having to minimize, refresh and then maximize again.

Resolver III
Resolver III

Had the same issue on my reports and just instructed all my users to always hit refresh button before viewing the report.


Would prefer if we did not have to do this but atleast its not a show stopper.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Oh, and I mentioned our different locations because I was wondering whether that might have anything to do with it.



But that would be weird. I'm hoping it's just the caching?


I just want to be sure when/why users would have to click that "Refresh" button to get current data.

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Did you find what was causing this issue? I have the same problem

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

No explanation or solution, yet.


I recently opened a support ticket with Microsoft about it. 


To help pinpoint the problem, they asked me questions like the following. @gavindk, maybe you can help, if you also provide more details about your situation...

  • Has this behavior been consistent across multiple browsers? If not, which one is the culprit?

  • Is it repeatable for different users?

  • How about for different license levels (free vs. Pro)?

  • Are your dataset/reports in Premium capacity?
  • Are the reports shared via Power BI or embedded into other applications, such as Sharepoint? If you have both, is there any difference in behavior there?

Hi @kevhav,


I think this issue is related to specific device, maybe you can ask her to submit a support ticket for further support.

Submit a support ticketSubmit a support ticket


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