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Need help with new Scroller Visual -- read before using

So, first of all, I love the scroller visual. It works perfectly on the desktop version and on reports in My Workspace. It is highly impactful and is a game changer.

That being said, I cannot get it to continue to work in a group setting. If I do not navigate away from the report, it works fine. If I simply hop onto another report and right back, it works fine. If I move away for over a minute, however, it puts the report into a state of distressed refresh meaning it just has the spinning loading icon. Once that happens, the report cannot be accessed again as it never loads to allow for the deletion of the visual from the page (I know I cannot take it out of the report). The report is rendered useless and has to be deleted. I made the mistake of not using save as the first time I added it and lost a very large and fairly complex report. After rebuilding it, I saved a copy and added the visual so I didn't lose my work again.

Is there a reason that the visual wouldn't work in a group but would work fine in a personal space? The group is all Pro users. The issue carriers across multiple browsers. The report is from a  pbix created on the desktop version which hosts the visual with no issues (using save as of course).

fredrikheden Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Need help with new Scroller Visual -- read before using


I'm glad you like the Scroller visual. I recently created an updated version of it that is now available in the gallery. It mainly includes a couple of performance improvements for working with large datasets. Are you able to reproduce the problem with this new version?

/ Fredrik Hedenström

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Re: Need help with new Scroller Visual -- read before using


I was unaware of the updated version. I have etermined that my problem was from having a very large data set. I have the original working by filtering down to a subset of information. I will download the new version and replace it in my test report and update you once that is completed.

Fantastic visual.