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Move Power BI to another office 365 tenant



We have company A who recently acquired company B.

Comapny A uses Office 365 for Exchange online.

Company B used Office 365 for Exchange online, ShrePoint online and Power BI.


We need to move Company B's Office 365 data to Company A's O365 tenant and replicate.


Migrating Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint data to Company A tenant is not much of an issue, but we need to find a way to move Power BI from Company A tenant to Company B.


This was first raised with MS O365 support who suggested posting the question here.  I have looked exisitng posts but did not find related information, so apologies if this is a duplicate.


Can someone provide a guideline on how we can move(or duplicate) current Power BI to another O365 tenant?


Much appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you.


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Same issue here............this must be a common problem.

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Hi all,


We have a similar issue, 170 staff out of 8500 have begun using Microsoft PowerBI in our enterprise and prior to us centralizing costing with an EA licenced approach I am being tasked with the migration (pattern?) of our existing PowerBI work done to date from Singapore to AU East where we reside, and the rest of our O365 services have recently been migrated, including mailboxes, SharePoint Online etc.


I would appreciate some degree of expert adding their two cents worth in here as it must be known to someone.


The best I've been able to ascertain so far is that through the use of PowerBI Desktop we could download the .PBIX file, and even if it was all trashed in SG and reinstated in a clean slate in AU, we'd just have to reestablish our data connections/onpremise gateway configuration, and use PowerBI Desktop to open the .PBIX file and re-publish the content back to the new PowerBI workspaces.


Can anyone confirm/advise otherwise?  I am running a bit blind and would like to know if this is the expected architectural approach rather than just guessing.


Hi Ryan,


We have an almost identical issue to the one you describe, and our PowerBI guru's are looking at a similar solution to yours (export .pbix from old tenant, import to new tenant, switch over data sources / gateways).


I was wondering if you'd progressed any further with your migration and could confirm whether this had worked for you, or whether you found any issues with this approach?



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Did you ever find a solution to this, because I am having the same issue now.


Best regards


I ended up getting a call from Power BI to 'provide feedback', and long story short managed to move our Office 365 tenancy after some emails and completing some forms.

When I said 'move tenancy', it was really a delete and create new one. All the data were lost, but that was okay for us because we were at prototype stage
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Hi All, We are migrating to a new O365 tenant and would appreciate help with instructing  our Power BI Desktop users about how to move their reports/dashboards, etc.

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I'm having the same issue with my workplace at the moment, and I agree with poetizer, there doesn't seem to be any info on google.


The only thing that I found kind of relevant is this:


which is not really helpful for my case. Do we have to close our existing accounts and re-sign up? And does that mean we will lose all our existing data, since I can't find a dataset export capability?

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