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RoxanneJulien Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

More than one detail level

I have a dashboard called, for example, inventory.


I would like to separate it by "plant", by putting a pin on every plant's name on the first page of the dashboard.


When the user will click on a plant name, he will see the different KPIs (2nd level), but I would like to know if there's any way to have a 3rd level of detail when you click on a plant's KPI.


For example, if I click on "Toronto" plant, I will see the different KPIs, let's say one of them is cycle time. Is there any way to click on this cycle time KPI and go on to another level of detail, on which I would see the detail by product, for example.


Thank you in advance!

v-ljerr-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: More than one detail level

Hi @RoxanneJulien,


If I understand you correctly, you should be able to firstly create bookmarks for these pages, then use bookmark links for shapes and images to create custom navigation in your reports. Smiley Happy


For more details about these features, you can refer to the following articles:



RoxanneJulien Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: More than one detail level

Thank you  @v-ljerr-msft for your answer, it will help! Smiley Happy


However, what I was looking for exactly is a 3rd level of detail. For example, when I click on a bookmark (a plant's name) and that I see all related KPIs on a page, is there any way to be able to click on one of the KPI's visual and get another page that would give me the detail for that KPI?


In fact, I have too much KPIs for every plant to show them all on a single page...