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May 3 announcement FAQ

Today we announced changes to Power BI Pro and the free service effective June 1, as well as the availability of an extended Power BI Pro trial offer. Please refer to our free Power BI service changes board for more information.


This discussion board contains a set of frequently asked questions. Please share your comments and additional questions.


  • What capabilities are being added to the free service?

Beginning June 1, the free service will have capabilities equivalent to Power BI Pro. This includes the same 1 GB workbook size limit, up to 8 daily scheduled refreshes for datasets, and maximum 1 million rows/hour streaming data rate. We’re also providing access to all data sources, including those available through the on-premises data gateway.


  • Which Power BI Pro capabilities are not available with the free service?

Peer-to-peer dashboard sharing, group workspaces (now called app workspaces), and analyze in Excel with Power BI apps are capabilities limited to Power BI Pro.  


  • When will these changes go into effect?

Changes to the free service will go into effect on June 1.


  • Will I lose access to my content (dashboards, reports) at that time?

No. You will not lose access to any content you’ve uploaded to the Power BI service. Content you’ve shared with others may no longer be accessible by recipients on June 1. Likewise, at that time you may no longer have access to content others have shared with you. Existing users of the free service who have been active within the past year can take advantage of the free 12-month extended trial of Power BI Pro. The offer will deliver the full capabilities of Power BI Pro to ensure you have the appropriate time to adjust how you use the service.


  • How do I know if I’m eligible for the extended Power BI Pro trial?

Please refer to the extended Power BI Pro trial terms and conditions.


  • What should I do if I’m not eligible for the extended Power BI Pro trial?

Sign up for a standard 60-day Power BI Pro trial.


  • I’m currently taking advantage of the standard 60-day Power BI Pro trial – will I also be eligible for the extended Power BI Pro trial when it becomes available on June 1?

Power BI Pro trial users will be eligible for the extended Power BI Pro trial offer as long as they registered for the free service on or before May 2.


  • How do I accept the extended Power BI Pro trial offer?

Sign in to the Power BI service any time on or after June 1 and follow the prompts to register for the extended Power BI Pro trial.


  • Does the introduction of Power BI Premium change the capabilities of the free service?

Users of the free service with access to dedicated capacity in Power BI Premium will have the ability to receive content distributed to them by Power BI Pro users.


  • Are any changes being made to Power BI Pro?

No changes are being made to Power BI Pro.


  • Are any changes being made to Power BI Desktop?

No changes are being made to Power BI Desktop.

Data for Everyone! We mean it
Advocate III
Advocate III

If I have a PRO license and have been sharing dashboards with Free users, will those free users no longer be able to access the dashboards that I shared with them as a PRO user? Put another way, going forward on June 1, is the only way to see a dashboard someone else created and shared is to have a PRO license?

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Can you provide a little bit of clarification around the sharing? I understand that a "free" user will not be able to share with others.


If I am a "Pro" user, can I share my dashboards with "Free" users? In our organization, there are really two types of individuals, Report Writers and Report Consumers. It would not make sense for us to pay for Pro licenses just for the users that we would be viewing some of the reports that we are putting together since they would not be using any of the other features of a pro license.




Hi @dsynan,


If you are sharing dashboards/reports with free users, beginning June 1st they will need to take advantage of the extended Pro trial to continue accessing the content. After the extended trial expires, users will need a Pro license to maintain access.


Terms and conditions for the extended trial can be found here.

Data for Everyone! We mean it
Advocate I
Advocate I

Um...what's Power BI PREMIUM? First I've seen of this.


@dsynan The free users will need to sign up for the Pro Trail.

To answer the second question. There are now two ways they can see it. One, the end users have a Pro license/Trial (As mentioned above). Or, the person sharing the content has a premium license on top of the Pro license, then the end users will be able to see the dashboards as free users.

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How does this tie in with the new "Premium" service? Will the premium service be a way for "free" users to view dashboards made by "Pro" users without needing a "Pro" license?



I hate to risk being pedantic but what constitutes a "share"? Are we talking about sharing in the web based Power BI or are we talking about publishing URLs for reports and dashboards? This isn't clear at all.


Hi @jimbobTX,


We announced Power BI Premium this morning on website and blog.

You can find more info and resources in the announcement blog post and on the Power BI website premium page.

Data for Everyone! We mean it

From what i've seen it was announced today. Seems like a good thing in the long-term, however less than a month's notice that changes for free users will be going into effect is no bueno.

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