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SourceToShare Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

Hi @MiguelMartinez.  Thanks for taking a stab at my question.  Sorry, I wasn't clear, although that did answer another question I had.  


Anyway, I'm curious if Pro user content can be shared to a free user if the content is using an live Analysis Services instance on-prem (not a PBI Reporting Server). 




kbl1726 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

I truly hope you reveal the additional SKUs soon becuase the current all-or-nothing pricing scheme for Premium prices out all but large enterprises.  


When you say the current embedded pricing will be be available for another 12 months, does this mean new users can sign up for this SKU for the next 12 months or will it only be available for 12 months for current, already in-place embedded customers? The article you linked suggests the latter.  And what happens when you finally revoke the plan fully?  


The embedded SKU was great becuase it was scalable to most use cases and enabled small businesses to get into Power BI without massive overhead - I thought that was the point of it and Microsoft's plan to disrupt Tableau and other BI service providers.  Until you release info on the new SKUs, there is absolutely no scaling in your new pricing scheme for client facing services. I've already reached out to Qlik and Tableau to get more info on their options.  (I really have, I'm not saying this to be dramatic.  As someone planning to launch a client-facing, read-only Power BI service in the coming weeks I now have to reevaluate my entire business model, particularly if you are taking away the ability for new signups to the existing embedded SKU at $5 per 100 sessions.)

pmdci Member

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

About Power BI Premium, I'd like a few clarifications.


  • Moving forward Power BI Premium will be the way for us to get Power BI functionality embedded into our SaaS applications, right?
  • I read that Power BI Premium will have support for on-premise gateway, which has been promised for months for Power BI Embedded. I am assuming that while existing Power BI Embedded deployments will keep being supported, this does not mean that will get support for on-premise data, since Microsoft would expect us to move to Power BI Premium.

  • I did a calculation using the pricing calculator and the SKU for Power BI Premium starts at ALMOST 5,000 (five thousand) dollars a month -- which is a significant increase (I'd say prohibitive) when comparing to Power BI Embedded.

  • So to sum up (and please correct me if I am wrong), for those of us who have been waiting over a year to get Power BI Embedded finally working with on-premise data, am I right to say that if we want such feature moving forward, we will have to get into Power BI Premium paying at least 5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND) dollars a month (give or take)?


freswood Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

Today I received an email regarding the new changes. In the email it says:


If you’re interested in an extended Power BI Pro trial that will run from 1 June 2017, to 31 May 2018, simply sign in as normal on or after 1 June 2017, and get going. Contact us to learn more about Power BI Pro.


I'm currently on a free 2 month Pro trial. In the T&C for the extended Pro trial it says:


  • Eligibility: Users who registered for the free Power BI service on or before May 2, 2017 and have signed into the service at least once between May 2, 2016 and May 2, 2017 are eligible for the Offer.
  • Exclusions: Power BI Pro and Power BI Pro trial users are not eligible for the Offer.

Could you please help clarify whether I'm eligible for the extended Pro trial? I assumed that since I received a targeted email inviting me to extend the trial that I would be eligible. However according to the T&C it sounds like I'm not.

Power BI Admin
Power BI Admin

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

Hi @masplin,


As long as your users meet the terms and conditions here, they will be eligible for the extended Power BI Pro trial even if they've previously used the standard 60-day trial.

Data for Everyone! We mean it
Power BI Admin
Power BI Admin

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

Hey @jester121


Power BI is not included as part of an E3 license - see the E3 licensing page for more information and details on what is included.


If users have been using the free Power BI service, they may be eligible for the extended 12-month free trial of Power BI Pro. See terms and conditions for more information.

Data for Everyone! We mean it
freswood Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

Hi Miguel, in that case would it be possible to update the Exclusions in the T&C to reflect this? It appears to be contradictory.

osoosh Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

Massive change for free users such as small businesses which I've been refering them to use Power BI as the best option in the market. Not sure where the power bi team had their feedback from (I suspect the internal people of commercial) to do this change only in giving a month notice (poor). 

TezzaX Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

HI..  I currently provide dashboards to a number of free users within our business..  If I become a power user, will I be able to continue to share these dashboards with free users through the publish to Power BI service?  


OR will anyone who wishes to see my dashboards within my business also need to have a Power BI subscription??  


Or will I need to have a premium subscription which seems to be extremely expensive to service a small group of dashboard users within a single organisation!!!!!!


This change to the free service wreaks of money grabbing!!!




djnww Established Member
Established Member

Re: May 3 announcement FAQ

Hi @MiguelMartinez,


Is it a 'MUST' for a whole organisation to be on PREMIUM ? Many Government Organisations have multiple Departments, but all under the same tenancy. However, each department is independent of each other. Can a single department choose to be on PREMIUM ? I'm not sure how it would work with licensing distribution.


For example, an entire State has signed a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement all under the same tenancy for 250,000 users. However, each Department functions independently. You have the Department of Finance, Department of Public Transport etc. Can the department of Finance go PREMIUM even though the tenancy is owned and managed by the State Government ? Or does the State Government have to go PREMIUM for the whole State ?



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