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jdunmall Regular Visitor
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Mashing up Content Pack Datasets



Some feedback... and perhaps I've misunderstood something. Here is the scenario: User A publishes a content pack. User B publishes a second content pack. User C wants to mashup (combine) the two content packs together. This is not possible, without the source PBIX files and a *bunch* of work. Even after the work is complete, there is no way for User A and User B to maintain their PBIX files separately without breaking User C's work. Big mess.


Am I missing something?


Separate point: The fact that Content Packs are "context aware" is confusing. The list of content packs a user has published is dependent on which O365 Group is currrently selected. When multiple packs are published from multiple groups, a user has to 'hunt around' for the content pack. There should be a single content pack view regardless of group. Idea to vote: