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Looking for automation tool to systematically look for KPI abnormalities

Hi community.

Inquirying the community's crowd wisdom.


We have a need to automatically and systematically monitor KPIs and raise a flag if there is an abnormality.

The need is to be able to run an analysis using various slicers on the same KPI every specific frequency (e.g. 2 times a day, once a week) and alert on major abnormalities.

This will truly leverage our KPIs and, after proper training, will eliminate the need to manually and proactively go into dashboards/reports to look for gaps.

Think of it a bit like the capabilities Loom is presenting (if you are familiar with it), only on systematic analysis of KPIs.

Are you familiar of such a tool/capability/technology?



Uri Weissler


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Super User

OK, so what I would recommend is that you create the report with the requisite KPI and KPI visual. Publish the report to the Service. Go to the report in the Service and choose the particular slicers/filters that you want. Pin the KPI visual to a dashboard. Repeat this procedure with another selection of slicers/filters. Now you should have 2 KPI visuals on your dashboard that are set for different selections. Set alerts on these KPI's to the thresholds that you want. Schedule a refresh. When the data refreshes and if the KPIs' exceed the thresholds set, then you will get an alert.

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Thank you very much Greg, but I'm looking for something more systematic.

We're talking about dozens of KPIs and thousands of permutations for slicers, and the idea is for a tool/capability that will systematically look for abnormalities...


BTW, does the need make sense to you?



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