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Advocate I

Linux and Scheduled Refreshing

Hi everybody!
My intention with this post is to share my challenges with Power BI, Linux and automatic refreshing, what I am doing as a work around and check if you have other options / alternatives for these problems.
Well, we know Power BI cannot be run in a Linux system (at least, haven't found someone who does), and I got this MYSQL database being updated daily via a web application. All I wanted to do is schedule daily updates in my Power BI reports, so my customers always got the latest information and I got a lot of time free for other activities. The problem is that my whole system is set up in a Linux environment, I that scheduling simply wouldn't work.

So far, I manage to think of 3 solutions (but not the ideal) :
1. Update manually every report after midnight ;
2. Keep my laptop always on;
3. Set up a "intermediate" machine with Windows (always on) to provide that bridge between data and reports.

Any of those options are vulnerable to electricity down times. Even if I get a no break device, the Internet signal will be lost and the reports will not be updated (and with no error messages).

If anyone got a better solution for this I would really appreciate, so will a lot of developers working with Linux, which is a much economical option than Windows Server.
Thank you,

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