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Helper III

Limit to embedded token generation

Can someone please tell me what is the limit to embedded token generation?


Is the limit daily or hourly?


It would be really helpful to me if someone can answer this question.


Thank you,


Vishesh Jain


Hi @mail2vjj,


According to this article, embed tokens with PRO license are intended for development and dev testing, so the number of embed tokens a Power BI master account can generate is limited. (However, the number of the limitation is not documented.) You must purchase a capacity for embedding in a production environment. There is no limit to how many embed tokens you can generate when a capacity is purchasedSmiley Happy



HI @v-ljerr-msft


Thank you for your response.


I have read that there is no limit to token generation when Capacity has been purchased.


I wanted to know the limit, when the capacity is NOT purchased.


I wanted to test my model and app before I bought the capacity, since the pricing is not cheap.


So if you can find anything on how many tokens can be generated using the PRO license, then please let me know.


Thank you,


Vishesh Jain



By any chance, did you find out the limit?


Prateek Raina

No I haven't been able to find out the limit to the token generation without capacity.


I think there are only a few available for you to test your model before going full scale.

So I guess the best way to go about it is to actually put it to test and see where it fails.


Apart from that, I don't think there is any information available from Microsoft regarding this.


If you find anything else/new on it, please do let me know as well.


Thank you,


Vishesh Jain

Alright, Sure.


Hey, I found out this recently published API which returns the % of usage of Embed Tokens.


They have mentioned this API in this blog. Scroll down untill you see below:


Hello, I have tried this but usage is 0. Something is wrong.

This confuses me so much.


In order to generate a token you need to provide an account, yes? As soon as I try to do this I need a license.  Even if I purchase capacity, it is still requiring a PRO account for the user that is used when calling the api to generate the token.  Am I wrong about this? What am I missing?

Hi @ryanjlind,


In order to use embedded you need to buy capacity.


However in order to test your embedded model, before you buy the capacity, Microsoft provides some tokens, provided you have a Pro user account, but there is a limit to those tokens that you can generate, while you are testing your model.


So I wanted to know what is that limit. When I am in my testing phase and I have NOT bought the capacity, how many API calls can I generate?


Does it make it better?


Thank you,


Vishesh Jain


Not applicable

Use this API to track the usage(%) of free trial API calls.

I had to make this call:'embedTrial')


You should then see something like this in the reponse:

 "additionalInfo": {
        "usage": 35

Hi @sdaviesnz,


I tried to open the link but it is not working.


Vishesh Jain

Hi @mail2vjj,


It's not an HTML link to click on. It's a web API end point to send HTTP requests to.


Read about the Power BI REST API here:


The Power BI Embedded service doest not limit number of token, but I found that It limit the number of render times.

For the lowest option is 300 renders / hour, does it mean if I refresh my website (embed a PBI report) > 300 times, it will hit the limitation

Hi @ducnv,


I think it is not based on the number of renders but rather on how many query requests have been sent.

They both might be the same thing, but I am not sure.


If you read the 1st response after my question, a community support team member has said that there is a limit to the number of token generation.


This token generation limitation is only for the testing environment since it is removed once, capacity has been purchased.


There is no information regarding the limit of token generation and what will happen once all the tokens are exhausted.

The only information that I have read so far is that, there is a limit, that is it.


I have read most of the documentation on it, so if you happen to find something, please do let me know and reply to the thread.


Thank you,


Vishesh Jain

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@mail2vjj  Vishesh Jain:


Did you ever find the limit? We are in the same dilema as to whether a dedicated capacity is required to take the embed token route




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You definitely need capacity for your production load, the smallest instance is A1 with around 300 renders per hour, which actually nothing, just an estimated value, requests more than that will be queued and will serve with delay.You can assign lowest capacity and do stress testing on your application to see if you could break the capacity.




Not applicable

Thank you, @Anonymous 

Hello everyone,

Sorry was not able to respond eariler, as I was out of office for a couple of days.


To answer the question, no I was not able to find out the limit to the embedded tokens, but one of the previous replies has some code that can be used in the app, to find out the limit. I was not able to figure out how to use it.


A1 is the smallest capcity that can be used with PBI embedded and I think there is a white paper by Microsoft, that tells us about the stress test on it.


Here is the link:


Again, there is no clear answer so far, to the number of embedded tokens, MS lets us generate under testing phase, but the white paper should provide some guidance on how to plan capacity purchase.


Thank you,

Vishesh Jain

Frequent Visitor

Hello, I have used a pro account, and I have reached the limit of tokens ... is when the capacity reaches 100:


"additionalInfo": {
        "usage": 100


My question is ... how do I buy the ability to remove the limit? What is the price to buy capacity? Should we go to version A1? How do you get to this version?

I need information on how to buy capacity for tokens ... I want the cheapest model.


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