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Licensing embedded report usage

I'm a part of the small start-up and we are using Azure services to make our solution for the customers. Part of our solution is providing reports for our customers. We had plans to use Power BI Embedded but it seems it is not possible anymore for the new customers. Old customers can use that at least for a year for now according the info I have found.
After reading forum posts and documentation I'm still a little confused for our options. I would like to use Microsoft products as much as possible along with Azure services, but I'm not sure how to cost efficiently scale our start-up from few customers towards hopefully thousands of customers. 
According the documentation (, if I want to develop embedded scenario it is still technically supported and for pricing point of view for development $10/month for Power BI Pro license is needed as previously. This is great.
If I understood right though, article states that if I want to move this to production and start to test this for few non-Power BI user customers, I need to buy Premium capacity. Even smallest EM1 service costs $625/month. That is too much for maybe 2-3 first customers to test out if this works or not for our customers. Of course, if we have more than 50 customers in a future then it would make sense.
Is there any other way to licensing embedded scenario? If I understood right, licensing point of view even Power BI Pro license for each our pilot customers are not right way to licensing the usage if they are external users and not part of our tenant?
Any recommendations?

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Re: Licensing embedded report usage

Hi there,

All the details that you provided above are correct. As it currently stands you would have to use the new licensing model with the $625 a month for embedded.

Possibly some other people might have some different suggestions

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