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Issues with Date filters on report page not saving

This week we have started having issues with existing reports that have multiple date filters applied to a visual (as visual filters)


The issue only occurs when there are multiple date filters set  - it doesn't seem to matter which type (relative date - current month, relative date - last thirty days)


The filter works while the report is open but when changing to a different report and back it drops the second filter or sometimes both filters. 


Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @wcolenso

After testing on my site, unfornately, i can't reproduce your problem.

Please look at my test in the following pbix.

For page1 and page2, the filter works well on different report.

For duplicated page1 and duplicated page2, I set "Sync slicer" for the slicer on the two reports, so when I make a change on the slicer of the duplicated page2, then I turn to duplicated page1, it would be affected by the slicer of the duplicated page2.

Which situation do you happen to? 


Best Regards



I am having this same error. I created a page with 36 visuals connected to each bookmark and 18 bookmarks total. One of them is a card with Earliest week start date in field and date in the visual level filter. I change the date filter to be relative to 1 day (leaving the today's check box unmarked) and hit apply filter. It works then when I click on a button connected to a different bookmark and click back into the previous bookmark I was on where I changed the relative date filter, the relative date filter did not save the update. I tried saving each time I made the change and still nothing. 


I was also unable to make the change directly in the file on Relative date filtering is working on other reports, but not on the report with all the bookmarks. I am not sure if it is a bookmark issue. 

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