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Resolver II

Issues sharing content packs with groups

I am trying to set up groups and share content packs within my organisation on but running into issues.

I want my workflow to be as follows:

  1. Publish datasets, reports and dashboards from Power BI Desktop to My Workspace on
  2. Create multiple groups 
  3. Create Content Pack(s) tailored for each individual group


Step 1 is fine and working however somewhere between step 2 and 3 I have an issue. I've created the groups and content packs and tried adding users in three ways to test what is working and what is not:

  • Group 1; Added a group. This group has been set up in Office 365 admin center and individuals added to it. 
  • Group 2; Added individua users via their Office 365 email address
  • Group 3; Added the entire organisation. 


Group 3 works. If I create a content pack and share it to the entire organisation then when I go into Group 3 and click Get Content Pack my content pack is available. 

Group 1 and Group 2 do not work. If I try and Get Content Pack nothing appears other than the Content Pack that I shared with the entire organisation. 

Can someone help me understand why Entire Organisation works but the other options do not. 

Here are some screenshots of the content pack and group so you can see my settings:

Group 2.png

Content Pack 2.png




I've had no issues sharing a Content Pack with a Group.. I just started typing in the PBI group name, it auto resolves and I select.

Sharing to individual users will not work because it will only be visible in their personal workspace.

Group 3 works because the entrie org selection must include all the groups as well...


Do you have Exchange Online? or Office 365 E3/E5? This may be a license issue if you don't... maybe you won't have access to use the created group to share with...


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Thanks for the reply, I didn't realise that for individuals.

As for the Groups, it does display and autoresolve the group when I add them to the Content Pack. When I set up a group though and am presented with the 'Add Group Members' field it does not autoresolve my group, instead I added my group email address i.e. - is this incorrect?

In terms of licensing we have a number of users on E3 with Power BI Pro licenes but the majority are on Business Premium with Power BI free.

To rule that out I've now made all users within the groups involved Power BI Pro licensed (although some still have Business Premium rather than E3/5). 

I have also gone back to the group and added the users via their individual email addresses rather than the group email as the documentation suggests that isn't working yet (

I still cannot however access the content pack shared with 'Group 2' though from within Group 2 though. 

Just bumping this to see if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions I could try? 

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