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Storm New Member
New Member

Internal error when refreshing

Hey Guys. 


I am new to Power BI, so hope you can help me with our problem. Tried to google the problem, but did not help.



I receive the error below, when I try to refresh our data


("The last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error")




My project:


I have installed excel 365 (with power query), a personal gateway and a new OneDrive on a Company computer, so we have a computer online 24/7. The excel file, which is used, is uploaded to the OneDrive from my own computer. I am able to refresh the data within the excel file, from the Company computer, so a connection problem to our on-premises data is ruled out. I have hence used Power BI to connect to the Excel File within the Personal OneDrive and created a model, and also updated the information for the gateways. But afterwards, when I try to refresh the data, it fails with the above error message.


More info:

I am using both Power Pivot and Power Query connections, with date filters "after date", for our on-premises data.

Using Power BI Pro (trial version for now)

There is a connection with the Personal gateway to our on-premises data






Super User
Super User

Re: Internal error when refreshing

This is probably one where you should click the smiley icon in the upper right in the Service and send a "frowny face" to support along with the screen shot of this error.

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greggyb New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Internal error when refreshing

Just a note, sending bug reports directly from the service is no longer supported. I've done so and you'll get an email telling you to go to to re-submit the report.


I've been told by support staff that you can submit a ticket on that site by contacting support, and that general bugs can be reported in the community forums.


I'm not sure that the forums are a good official avenue for bug reports, but that is what I've been told.

Administrator Sandy

Re: Internal error when refreshing

Hey Gregg


Can you send me privately who you were talking to in support that told you to report general bugs in the community?  I will escalate with the group as that is NOT CORRECT. 


Here's the litmus test.  If something is NOT functioning the way you think it should, (ie: something is broken - not a feature request) - and if you want to make sure the product team sees your issue and considers changing code - you should file an issue with support.  And if support ever tells you to log the issue with the community - please let me know directly.


If you are unsure of proper behavior, then use the community to gain insight.


Does this help?