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I'm having trouble loading this data from Power BI. You can open Power BI directly or try again

In my Windows 10 Desktop build 1511, I enter a Power BI question, the Power BI responses show up in Cortana, but when I click to activate I get the error:


"I'm having trouble loading this data from Power BI. You can open Power BI directly or try again in a little bit."


It's happening for all Power BI at a client's Office 365 subscription, but my own Office 365 does not exhibit the problem.


Any ideas? Is there a service degradation for specific Power BI tenants? Any ideas on a workaround?







We will report this issue internally and post the updates.Smiley Happy



Thank you Jerry! This seems to be only on a specific tenant on the Power BI service. It happens either at a specific time daily (10am-1pm Pacific time), or based on publishing of a new dashboard. Problem seems to fix itself after 3 hours or so, but we saw the behavior on both September 2nd and September 6th during the same timeframe. No outage notifications from Power BI service.


Any ideas for a workaround?


Is there a place to identify Power BI service state / degradation information?





Please try the following trouble shooting steps to deal with the Cortana loading PBI data issue.


For troubleshooting the Power BI side, have the user go to page. This page emulates the Power BI experience in Cortana, but is not affected by any of the Windows settings required to get the full integration to work. If the user gets the results they’re expecting on this page, their problem is on the Windows side. If the user does not get the results they expect on the page, here are some additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that the data set is enabled for Cortana in the settings UI. If the user is expecting a Cortana card (Cortana-sized report page) as a result, the data set for the report must be enabled for Cortana.
  • If another user (user B) has shared Cortana-enabled content with the user (user A), user A must open the web application for the sharing to take effect before the content will start showing as results in Cortana. (This is a bug that we expect to fix in the next 6 months)
  • Sometimes the Cortana integration can take a few seconds to warm up. If no results are returned after the user has typed their question on the test page, try deleting and retyping the last few characters a couple times. If after about 10 seconds this hasn’t done anything, you can give up on this step. (We’re also working on improving this warm-up performance)


If everything looks good on the Power BI side through the test page, the problem is on the Windows side. Some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure that the user is using Windows 10 version 1511 (Windows 10 November Update) or higher
  2. Make sure that the user is using English as their Windows display language. Power BI-Cortana integration is not supported, nor does it work, for other languages.
  3. Make sure the user has added the work or school account they use with Power BI to Windows 10 within account settings.
  4. Make sure the user has signed into Cortana with a Microsoft Account. In the current design Cortana has to be configured for both a work/school and personal account.
  5. As mentioned in step 3 in the Power BI section, sometimes the Cortana integration can take a few seconds to warm up. You can try the same character deleting/retyping trick to work around it.
  6. Windows has a bug where Cortana will not connect to Power BI for a session (i.e. sign in to sign out, or startup to shutdown) if the user was not connected to a network when the session was started. To work around this, the user can run the command “tskill searchui” to restart the Cortana process once they have network connectivity.
  7. There is an AAD bug that will prevent Windows from making any calls to the Power BI service if the user’s token is in a bad state. You can reset the token by running the command “dsregcmd /leave”. Warning: This will reset the local credentials cache, which will reset the user’s Windows Hello and PIN Login settings.

Is there a place to identify Power BI service state / degradation information? 

Please check the latest information here:



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