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Helper I

How to use RelativePath for refresh with dynamic data sources

I have a great challenge, where I would like to share it with my friends here at the Forum.

I need to automatically update my online report but I get the error for being a dynamic query, I researched about using Web.Contents with RelativePath but I couldn't make it work yet, by chance, does anyone know to inform me if the advanced query below is compatible with RelativePath to Refresh through the Power Bi Online service?
Thank you my friends.

    BaseURL = "",
    ExtraParams = "",
    Pages = List.Generate(
        () => [PageNumber=1, Func=fnGetPage(BaseURL, PageNumber, ExtraParams)],
            each Table.RowCount([Func]) > 0,
            each [PageNumber=_[PageNumber]+1, Func=Function.InvokeAfter(()=> fnGetPage(BaseURL, PageNumber, ExtraParams), #duration(0,0,0,10))],
            each _[Func]),
    #"ResultTable" = Table.FromList(Pages, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), null, null, ExtraValues.Error),
    Table = Table.Buffer(Table.ExpandTableColumn(#"ResultTable", "Column1", Table.ColumnNames(Table.Combine(#"ResultTable"[Column1])))),
    #"Renamed Columns" = Table.RenameColumns(Table,{{"name", "Empresa"}})
    #"Renamed Columns"
Super User
Super User

In Power Query Editor find the code for that query and then incorporate the code into the one you posted.

Super User
Super User

instead of calling 


try to inline its code in your script.

Hello my friend =D

Thank you for answer me, let me ask you, I was using fnGetPage in the code, exemple, but how can I write the right sentence for Power Bi Service understand that is a web data source and work with auto refresh? I don't understand very well this query =/


 Func=fnGetPage(BaseURL, PageNumber, ExtraParams)]

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