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How to share a content pack with a group?

I want to share a content pack with a group which I have created within Power BI. When I create the content pack, I can't see any way of sharing with a group, without having to enter each member's email address individually. Is there no way of selecting Power BI group(s) to share content packs with?

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

You should be able to specify the emailaddress for the group that you created. for example in the 'Specific Groups' section of Create Content pack screen.  You can find the email address for the group that you created from the group's detail page

Hi, this is possible but as far as I can see, it will share the dashboards for the members personal workspace, and they will have to click the invite link, etc. The pbi group will work as distribution list, not as the dashboard "container". 


It won't add the dashboard automatically to the group datasets/dashboards. A possible scenario for this would the publisher/edit group/readonly. (as of today users on a group can do everything)


(tested on 29-7)

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@rquintino - Thanks. You say this is possible - how?


I have a Pro (trial) BI account, but do not have 365. I can create a group in Power BI, but I cannot see an email address for this group (see limited group management options menu in my screenshot above) - so as far as I can see, I have no way of sharing the content pack with the group.

Hi Olly, sorry the reply was specific for Andre in an office365 tenant scenario (still can't share for the group, only for users in the group)


Been testing on a not office 365 tenant, and seems to be like you prev said. I couldnt discover how to address the created pbi group in the share dialog, and you can only edit name/group members and leave group options (not anything from pbi o365 groups).


Don't know if choosing the Admin option (from the top left quick nav) and doing a domain admin takeover will enable some new things for these, but that requires some dns changes, and maybe that will require  a full o365 tenant also (can't test it on this domain).


But note that you can immediately load the content pack onto the group workspace, and anyone logging in and choosing that group will see it immediately (the main scenario for groups, load your content pack in the group and everyone can use it).


Only issue is that they will have (at least for now) full permissions. does that help?


Side note: pbi apps seem not to be group compatible yet. (rather strange...)

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Memorable Member

Ther is no way to Push content packs out to a group.  Users either get an email link to accept Shared content or they go to Get Data->My Organization and consume it that way but they have to be in the right place (personal workspace or group) before they do it.

Do you have the option to share with the entire organization? At least then you could, theoretically at least, add the content pack in your group's work space via "Get data". 

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Thanks. I receive the following error message when I try to edit my group, though:


Oops, something went wrong.
Couldn't get group members
Activity Id270e0747-5d9e-4560-a148-eb3b65c4a715
Request Id2706f2d9-f0a3-cda8-af83-3563939b0b61
Status Code400
TimeTue Jul 28 2015 20:40:35 GMT+0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
Cluster URI


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Okay, I'm no longer receiving an error when I edit the group - but I don't see a group email address anywhere. Am I looking in the wrong place? If this is not in the Edit Group page, then where will I find it?

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Replying to myself:


It would appear I need Office 365 to manage a Power BI group. Is this right? I thought Power BI 2 was separate from 365... Do I really need 365 to enable the group functionality in Power BI?


From Power BI when you mouse over the Members, you will see the group alias at the bottom. You can also click 'Members' and it will take you to the Groups home page and you can get the alias.


If you are a Power BI Pro feature, you get Groups automatically.


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@meysun - thanks, but as I don't have 365, the only group menu options are Edit Group and Leave Group:

Group Menu (non-365)


This is disappointing, as I initially believed we would be able to access the full functionality of Power BI 2 without Office 365...

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Memorable Member

when you create a group in power bi, it creates an office 365 group with its own email address. When you create the group you get to pick a name and it also generates a group id (can be changed when group is created) so if your company name is MyCompany and your group is MyGroup then you can share a content pack with this group by specifying this email address:


you can learn more about groups and content packs here

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