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How to disable the automatic inline hierarchy???

Please, make this new (from august update) fiture optional!!! (on/off)


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Continued Contributor

Thanks @LanceDelano! Seems, last service build 13.0.1605.489 works exactly as you promised!


But i'm have some question about buttons image quality. (see picture. This screenshot was made from Edge with 200% zoom)








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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hi, @Amanda, can't send my PBIX, but simalar behavior you can investigate on Microsoft Solution Template "Campaign/Brand Management for Twitter"



Hi @Amanda, thanks for replying. It is always good to know there is someone looking our requests.


Regarding my chart, even if in that specific case it is a legend bug, on other charts where dates are not present, the new in-line hierarchy changed the context and even some numbers. Eg.:


If I had in the first level Cities, and on the second level Products, it would be like this:



City 1 - Product A = 10

City 1 - Product B = 20

City 2 - Product A = 100

City 3 - Product B = 200


Previous Drill Down method and In-line Hierarchy:


Level 1:

City 1 = 30

City 2 = 300


Level 2: - (Expand All Drill Down)

Product A = 110

Product B  = 220


Level 2: - (In-Line Hierarchy Drill Down)

City 1 - Product A = 10

City 1 - Product B = 20

City 2 - Product A = 100

City 2 - Product B = 200


You can see, now, I miss some important information which was the sum of products, regardless the previous hierarchy.

As I mentioned before, congratulations, this is a new feature and very welcome, but not as a replacement for the old Expand All Drill down non-hierarchy bound. Specially when that change affect our reports in the middle of a meeting...


They are completely different ways of looking at data. And the old method is somehow more efficient in some scenarios, where I can have multiples charts in one, using the drill down.


I still advise adding a new button on the visuals allowing both drill downs (normal and in-line hierarchy) is the solution to benefit most people.


Do you know if this will be fixed only on next desktop release or will it be patched soon? At least if it is changed on the Power BI Online Service and you could spare us fixing some charts that would be great.


Thank you again for your help and please take our feedback as a means for improving this great tool which is Power BI.

Thanks @zapppsr for this great example! We actually used your example in our conversations here. Smiley Happy As Alex mentioned, we are looking to release an update for this as soon as possible and are investigating options. You should hear something from us again in the next several days with a better estimate as to when the update will occur.

Hey Amanda, Is there an update as to when this issue will be resolved?  All of my expand down layers in all of my visuals no longer make sense because of in-line hierarchy being applied when my data isn't truly a hierarchy (they are distinct layers/angles at which we look at data).




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Great Point @zapppsr. The change in the actual numbers is a big impact as well.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Couple thoughts and solutions on this topic…

  1. Consider changing from Column to Line chart. Line chart will use the continuous axis even if you use hierarchies and also now support drill and expand capabilities. Continues axis support for Column chart will be coming soon.
  2. You can switch from using the Hierarchy to Date Field per visual in the Field list. You can do this by clicking on the chevron next to the date field.
  3. We are working on improving the labels for categorical hierarchy mode on Column and Line charts. They will be nested without repeating of same text. Expect this soon.

Let me know if this helps!



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     Thank you for the suggestion but unfortunetly that doesn't really help I believe.

  1. This would require changing Multiple reports and training users on new functionallity as well line charts don't always make sense for what we need to convey.
  2. The problem is associated with more than just date fields. If I have text fields for Distributor, rep and customer I'm not using any hierarchy function. The chart is unreadable when we drill down.
  3. While I'm sure everyone apprecitate the constant improvments this is a real issue that has rendered many of my current reports and charts unreadable. This shouldn't have been a default update that changed previously built visuals. I really should have been an option for each visual or something of that magnitude.

I've logged this as an issue at the below address and hope we can expedite this as much as possible. Thank for you consideration.

Thanks Mike. We understand the issue and looking for options of resolving this quickly. Stay tuned...




Any updates on WHEN this might be resolved? My entire barage of reports has been reduced to ugly cluttered garbage.  A 'toggle' would be wonderful!  I need to decide whether or not to wait it out, or start building separate, replacement views- (a HUGE undertaking), so any update would be fantastic...... sounds like MANY are affected by this. Thanks.

I want to ensure everybody that we are working hard on this problem! There are some design and experience challenges that we ran into but they all resolved at this point. We are at the stage of testing the solution and we hope to roll out the new Desktop and Service update soon.



Hi @AlexGorev. Thank you for the feedback.


It is always good to know the progress! Looking forward to get the updates!


Thanks again!

Any updates on when this might be resolved?  It has brought nearly my entire barage of reports to a standstill.  They WERE working beautifully- now, just ugly cluttered garbage.  A 'toggle' would be great!

I couldn't agree more with Mike.  We should not have to do a workaround that isn't as insightful for something that was already perfect and suited out needs.  I too hope that this fix is expedited and the service can be changed back this weekend.  I will reiterate that this is a function that users should have control over whether to use or not.  I was demonstrating the expand functionality in a presentation yesterday and was railroaded by the un-readability that this unexpected change brought.  What should have warrented a "wow" instead wound up with me apologizing for the product.

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it killed my reports as well 

definitely needs a way to switch off per visual 




It has ruined my drill downs as well.  Here's the thing - the layering is a beautiful and powerful thing, but dashboard authors often will layer different cuts that aren't necessarily a hierarchy! (Our data is more rich that the standard products hierarchy often used in examples) We definitely need the ability now (not a month from now) to have the in-line hierarchy be an optional thing, as it was when it was a preview feature.  Optimally, it would be a visualization to visualiztion option.  It's also disappointing that the change was made to reports and dashboards that I didn't even republish since the general availability of the feature went live.  Our visuals should not fundamentally change without us taking action.

Regular Visitor

it killed my reports aswell 

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I've added my same issue to the issues forum as I think this is a bug they didn't consider. I've referenced this post as well. Upvote mine to help out please.


Ok, I will. Thank you!

Community Champion
Community Champion

@Tishchenko Looks like you've got field on x-axis as type Text otherwise if you drop date field onto x-axis you usually get drill down in form of Year -> Qtr -> Month -> Day. You can disable that feature by going to File -> Options and Settings -> Options -> Data Load and untick time intelligence feature as shown below.



Thank you for your comment.  We are immediately working on a button that will preserve the old behavior and new separate button that will enable the new behavior.  I can't promise an exact timeline at this point, but we have heard the feedback and consider this a super high priority.  So, it will be soon.  The new behavior, as a side comment, will improve in readability over time as well. 


Ankitpatira, your suggestion does not fix the problem.

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