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How can I filter by a list of values?

We have the need to be able to filter by a list of values.  For example, we have a list of orders and would like to be able to paste the values into a filter for order numbers.  Is this possible in either Power BI or Power BI Desktop? 


I understand you can search for a particular value, filter for a contiguous range of values, or check individual values for filtering, but it doesn't seem possible to paste a list of values to filter on.

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Hey there!


I found a visual on market place called "Filter By List", it is a very simple visual that does exactly want we are try to solve here.



Pedro Paixão

Could you please send the link?

This is the visual - worked perfectly for me.



Not sure why we can't do this natively....

This visual seems to be discontinued by pragmatic works, has anybody found a replacement? I spoke to their support and they have no information on why its not longer available and dont plan to replace it.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

If you're still looking for this functionality, I've discovered this custom slicer visual. It works. The limitation for me is that it doesn't sync across tabs and it is kind of large, but it comes in handy.


If this addresses your need, please consider marking this as a solution.

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It doesn't work now.

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This is a good visualization addon but it can`t be sync between pages...

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In my search for a solution for this same problem, I stumbled upon this dormant topic.


Luckily, I found a solution:


Orders = Table.FromRows(
{2600, "Beth", "Magical Beans"},
{2601, "Jim", "Fairy Dust"},
{2602, "Sandra", "Ostrich Fairy Duster"},
{2603, "Bill", "Calculator"}
{"OrderNo", "Customer", "Product"}), // Your table with orders
OrderNumberSelection = {2601, 2602}, // These are the order numbers we want to use as a filter
#"Filter by list" = Table.SelectRows(Orders, each List.Contains(OrderNumberSelection,[OrderNo]) )
#"Filter by list"


Super User
Super User

I'm going to think about this one some more as that is a pretty odd request. But, you *might* be able to get there using something like this:



Basically, come up with a parameter table that you could reference in DAX.

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This is not an odd request. There are many times where someone may want to filter by a list of product numbers, procedure codes, provider id, store id, etc. It may be a very long process to select each individual id, rather than just pasting in a list of filter criteria.

Thanks - I appreciate the link and will be interested in anything else you might come up with.  Maybe surprisingly, it's a common use case - an analyst or manager receives a list of orders/products/etc. to research and needs a way to filter the data to get more information about the items on the list.  This is a very easy thing to do in Cognos's ad hoc tool - not so much in the MS world.

In MS world, you would use slicers. I guess what is odd is that you have a list to copy and paste, where does that list come from? Some other system, do they type what they want in Notepad??

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One way I can think is a powerquery function to filter values based on specific list..only for excel or powerbi desktop - cannot refresh in powerbi service ( functions )..



A combination of these:


Konstantinos Ioannou
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I don't believe this is possible

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