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BPhetchamphone Regular Visitor
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Having trouble getting a real-time solution: CRM Content Pack and OData connection

The CRM Content pack in is no longer working for me and, after talking with some Microsoft reps, there is no timeline for when this issue will be fixed. I have also used an OData string from CRM to PowerBI Desktop, then uploaded the Power BI desktop sheet to one drive- and connected one drive to my workgroup in - this also does not update live. Is this due to the connection from CRM to OneDrive to I also tried hooking up the same functional OData string to the Enterprise Gateway by adding a data source to the gateway and selecting the OData option. I feel like it should not be this difficult to connect CRM Dynamics to If the content pack were functional- I would have most of my problems resolved, but I need a good work-around until it's functional again. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Perhaps I'm not seeing an obvious option?