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Guid import in PowerQuery from SQL View becomes lowercase, hence join fail in report

Hello team,


I replaced the source of one query from SQL table to SQL View. When I import the view, GUID column is shown in lowercase even though in SQL it is uppercase. Because of this,the join is failing. I can now make both joining column same case but is this the work around ? I have so many other reports with View as source, which has been working fine before. Is it something in the latest update ? I see on the PowerBI support said about GUID case sensitive but it is not exactly related to my issue and also not my region. Please the see text below from powerbi support page


"Some customers in the India West region that use applications that call the GetReports API or GetReports in a Group API will receive the Report ID GUID back in upper case letters and not in lower case letters as it was previously. This may cause an application comparing report Object ID to a pre-defined Object ID to fail getting the report if the comparison is case sensitive. As a workaround, customers can change the report Object ID comparison to not be case sensitive. Engineers are working on a fix and will provide and ETA shortly. "


Do i have to always convert guid column if it is used in any kind of join ? Please advice




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Re: Guid import in PowerQuery from SQL View becomes lowercase, hence join fail in report

Hi there

The support page that you got was for the GetReports API and would not relate to your GUID from your dataset.

I would suggest just to ensure that joins always work, is to ensure that you make them both uppercase or lower case. In doing so will mean that it always works.
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