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MS93_ Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Google Analytics integration in Power BI Pro SERVICE dashboard

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to pin specific tiles from Google Analytics reports into the Power BI Service dashboard. 

I already did it once, by integrating the Google Analytics app with the Power BI Service software, but then I deleted the reports.

It seems like I cannot do the same this time. 


What I've done so far is getting data from "Services" --> selecting Google Analytics app --> imported data.


The Google Analytics report is posted into the "App" section, not in the "My Workspace" one. When I try to pin tiles from that report, the software alerts me that "read-only content cannot be pinned". 


Why the integration reports cannot be inserted in our corporate dashboard and why is it a read-only content?

How can I solve this problem and pin tile from Google Analytics report to my corporate Power BI Service dashboard (which is within "My Workspace")?


Thanks very much in advance for who will help.




Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Google Analytics integration in Power BI Pro SERVICE dashboard

Hi @MS93_

Currently, read-only user to a report can't pin tiles. 

Below are some similer ideas you may vote for it to improve these features.

Enable readers to pin tiles


Could you check which account you use to connect Google Analytics and get the permission to edit the report?

From this link, it seems you should be able to pin visuals.



Best Regards