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GA - credentials error [multiple GA accounts on a report]



I encounter a global problem with my Google Analytics sources.


As there is multiple websites to manage, it is useful to get all evolution lines on a same chart.

So, I used PBI Desktop to gather all 4 websites data in the same table.



In PBI Desktop, each time I hit refresh, it works and data is refreshed.


Once published, when I want to refresh my dataset in the PBI online service, it will display me  the same "credentials provided" error.


Type de source de données: 
Erreur de source de données:The credentials provided for the GoogleAnalytics source are invalid. (Source at GoogleAnalytics.)
URI du
ID d'activité:b6da17f3-dfae-4093-8d01-dbc8f989952a
ID de demande:64f28c6d-66de-4eb3-8482-ae3e244551ae
Heure:2016-09-22 09:21:57Z


I tried to :

- reconnect from oAuth2

- empty the cache

- change the browser

- incognito mod

- planify the refresh

- import the .pbix file or publish it


We just need to do some manual refreshes, planification is really an option, here.


I ran some tests, and ask myself is this much data can interfer with the refresh. In this case, is having only the three last months of data from GA possible ?


I opened a ticket, and looked for my problem in the PBI community, but this bug is still here.


Any idea ?

Thank you all !


nota : Well, in fact, it seems that I can't import the file anymore, I got :


Échec de la publication du fichier Power BI Desktop
Réessayez plus tard ou contactez le support. Si vous contactez le support, fournissez ces informations.


ID d'activité8f45cdbc-774a-7e8e-636b-359c34a73a76
ID de demande5f1c67e5-ab57-0ebe-4600-d38980ecbbc6
ID de corrélation9ed149ee-5665-4b21-ee11-1eb4fb4828d8
Code d'état409
HeureThu Sep 22 2016 16:46:27 GMT+0200 (Paris, Madrid (heure d’été))






I can find same issue reported internally and the PG team are still investigating it.

BTW, could you please change your local time to UTC and check if the desktop and online version have the correct data?


Best Regards,


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