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Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

This thread was created to gather feedback and communicate over the new Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feature in


Ask questions, suggest features, or leave general feedback. We will monitor closely.



Tzvi Keisar

Program Manager, Power BI



Tzvi Keisar
Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft Power BI
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Followed all the suggestions, but while it say it is creating the powerpoint and it may take a while, it seems to finish, but does not give a download at the bottom of the page nor indicate anywhere to find the pp file?  Anyone know where the PP file is?


Are you on a Mac. If so, no idea as I had a similar thing happen to me.


If on a PC have you checked your downloads folder, or searched explorer for all pp files with todays date on it?


I was having exactly the same problem using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 - using Chrome it works fine, or Edge on Windows 10.  Not sure if it's anything to do with my work's firewall/anti-virus/whatever which is set up to monitor Internet Explorer, but doesn't link in with Chrome as much.

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Two questions/feedback points


Is it possilbe to exclude certain report elements from the export- for example slicers, which have no value on the static report.


Secondly can the image capture do so independently of the report page background image? Currently small fragments of the image are transferred if they are visible through the visualisations. Putting 'background' on the visualisation and setting to 0% trans white will resolve it but I find it far more attractive to have the image visible behind the reports when viewing in PBI.


Looking forward to future developments.


Thanks for reaching out!


There is no way to remove specific visuals from the export. Specifically for slicers that can help understand exactly what data is visualized in the exported image. We currently dont have plan to change it in our backlog.


Improving the background color to be on the entire slide instead of on hte visuals is in our backlog but I dont have a slated release date for it yet

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Apart from the obvious adhering to set filters when exporting to Powerpoint we also have an issue with the 15 page limit. Is this something to be removed? Or at least the option to select which pages should be in the report. Not every user will always need all pages in the exported PPT. 


Thanks for your question. We are planning to allow selecting a subset of pages when exporting a report. Will update once we have a slated release date.

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We just started using this feature and its great!

However, similar to the demand that many other users have as well..


- Text duplication and overlapping 

- As well as the PPT file adjust to slicer selections (the most critical function for our usage)


What is the status of improvement on these two issues?


thank for reaching out.
Both of hte itmes are in our backlog, no slated release date yet.

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Hi Tzvi


I have been using PowerBI and have needed to export graphs into Powerpoint for management presentaions.


 My feedback is as follows:

  1. I would like to be able to select the screen size for the PPT I had to select 4:3 ideally i would like to be able to select A4 landscape so that I know how the charts will look on paper
  2. The size of the exported PPT is wider than the standard A4 landscape so when I copy and paste the charts to my compnay template they do not fit on the page.
  3. I would like to be able to export to my company branded PPTX template
  4. The colours of one of the pie charts changed when I exported them to PPT.
  5. The legend text viewed in Power BI is different when it exported to PPT so the  text became truncated which is no ggod for a presentation.
  6. When  I view the title text and legend text in PPT or print the presentation the text is pixelated


I have reverted to taking a screen grab of the charts in power BI and pasting them into PPT as the quality is better.


I hope these issues will be addressed soon as this is a feature we will be able to use a lot in or organisation.


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