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Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

This thread was created to gather feedback and communicate over the new Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feature in


Ask questions, suggest features, or leave general feedback. We will monitor closely.



Tzvi Keisar

Program Manager, Power BI



Tzvi Keisar
Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft Power BI
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Thank you for the advice!


That solved al of my issues.


Have a great day!


Helper II
Helper II



Not sure if anybody has run in similar situation when exporting to PPT like this: only PPT cover slide, and rest slides are blank. No error message. One of my datasets is very big though.





This issues was resolved. To apply the resolution you'll have to save again your report before exporting to PowerPoint


   - ron

Hi Ron,


Not sure if you replied to my post...


I exported first report 2 days ago, and I did get the report exported to the PPT, although the image was not good enough since some chart's background color was messed up and one chart came out from nowhere was on the image.


Yesterday I started exporting the second dashboard with 2 datasets and 6 pages, and got a cover slides and 6 blank slides. Today I kept tring and removed the big dataset and 5 pages so only a very small dataset and one page with three bar charts, and still got blank slide in the ppt. during the process, I did remove the dahboard, report and dataset on the Powre BI service and saved the file on desktop before every publishing.


Any idea?





You have to save the report on the web not in the desktop version. Save it again and it works. But generally I found this feature is a big junk. It changes the local format (for me German to English) / It changes the font of texts / size of texts (specially in the tables it cut out always) / The bottom graphics wouldn't have the right position. / After the March-update all text boxes are out. / you have to try the export many times. / and more bugs. 😕



just Tried like this: edit the published report, do nothing, save, export to PPT, and report exported. I guess save as under 'File' will work too. But what's logic behind this operations so report could get exported? And I also got some grey area at the bottom half between two bar charts:


Following on from comments by Rongi, Erin and Jabar, yes resaving the page on the web does then allow the content of that page to appear in a newly exported powerpoint file.


This is only a workaround, as you have to resave each page after a data refresh/upload from the PBI desktop.


Its also only available to those users who have admin rights on the web!

Helper I
Helper I

Hey guys,


I used to get a the status code 500 error, when trying to export a report to PowerPoint.


After reading a bit someone suggested that the file size might've been too big, so I shrunk it down. My file doesn't go above 40MB. My report consists of 10 pages with about 5/6 visuals with data on there. When I try to export to PowerPoint, I now get error code 403


I hope the performance issues with the export feature can be fixed soon.


Also, I don't know what status code 403 means.


Hi HarmVanG,


40MB is still a big PBIX that might fail with a timeout.

As for 403, this is an authorization problem. First time I see it. If persist, please contact our support email at




   - ron

Hi Ron,


I've actually reduced the size to about 23 MB. I don't get why I'm getting authorization problems though:


- I'm the creator of the dataset

- I'm an admin in the group workspace.


I'm also not using any custom visuals or R visuals.


I've tried re-uploading the dataset but it didn't help at the moment I'm getting error code 500 again Smiley Frustrated

Frequent Visitor

I've noticed that the date that gets picked up for the 'Last data refresh' label shown on the cover page of the exported PowerPoint deck seems to be the date my pbix file was last modified. My report has a live connection to an SSAS cube but I don't update the actual pbix file very often. This is confusing the users of my report since when they export they look at the Last data refresh date and think that the data is terribly out of date.  


Is there any way to choose which date gets displayed? I would like to use a specific measure from my SSAS data source, but I'd settle even for showing the dataset last refresh time!





Helper I
Helper I

All pages are empty. 😕

Without any custom visulas & just 3 pages. Please fix it.



As I have stated above we are currently working on a fix.


   - ron



In Latest March release of powerbi, Export to powerbi is exporting empty slides without any visual.


Please fix it asap.



Hi all,


The empty slides issue is now resolved.


Please save again the report before exporting.


Sorry again for the inconvenience,


   - ron

There are still some inconveniences.
1. Text boxes are all out of the PP page, 2. the size of them all has changed and 3. they are all the same size (0 cm width).
4. The export works after many tries. (firstly blank pages)

this is still not working for me. Only if I use the February release does it work.

If you are using any custom visuals or R it will not work. 

I had the same issue after the fix.

Try changing the custom visuals to the default visuals and remove all the custom visuals from Visualizations panel and try again.



Please contact us at our support mail We would like to help.




   - ron



Helper II
Helper II



In-session interactivity (highlighting and filtering, drill-down) is not supported yet when exporting the report. You will see the original visualizations as they were saved in the report.


In our requirement, different users are required to filter their data according to their need in many different ways and then make a PPT presentation with it.


PowerBI works marvellous for the first part, and it is quite dissapoining to find an "Export to PPT" button that didn't respected their filtering.


Please resolve this limitation would turn a simple click into a hugely time-saving feature.


I hope more and more people are encountering this need and we can get PowerBI Team to fix it.



Advocate V
Advocate V

When I did "Export to PowerPoint (Preview)", the downloaded PPTX file is just WHITE pages.


I have only 6 tabs, NO custom visuals used in the report.

I just have a page background (Image), Company logo on the top and the imported Theme.

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