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Export data from Embedded reports on external web application

1. Currenlty it seems there is no out of the box functionality to acheive data export from embedded reports on an external web application.

2. Is there any work around to acheive the said fucntionality ?

3. Reports should be available to export after filtering the data similar to what power BI provides with in-built interface.

4. In our case Data source is application insight integrated using stream analytics.

5. Solution to above mentioned problem through using any other data sources different then Application Insight will also be appreciated . 



New Member

Re: Export data from Embedded reports on external web application

I'm having the same problem and for two reasons I feel that the "publish to web" feature isn't goign to work for me.   Can somebody confirm if we use the API to publish individual repors or tiles that export is available or not?


the other deal killer for the publish to web is the fact that the reports "could be incldued in a public gallery"  Is there a possibility of turning that off as well?

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