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Roshna Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Error in Power BI integrate tile documentation

While going through the process of embedding a Power BI tile in app from the link : Integrate Power BI tile into an app and downloading the sample code from Git I was getting the following null reference error on clicking a Power BI tile to navigate to a report:

0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property 'id' of undefined or null reference

As a result of this, I was unable to navigate to the report.

Below is the code snippet for the function from the documentation:

function receiveMessage(event)
    if ( {
    try {
        messageData = JSON.parse(;
        if (messageData.event === "tileClicked")
            //Get IFrame source and construct dashboard url

            //Split IFrame source to get dashboard id
            var dashboardId = iFrameSrc.split("dashboardId=")[1].split("&")[0];

            //Get PowerBI service url
            urlVal = iFrameSrc.split("/embed")[0] + "/dashboards/{0}";
            urlVal = urlVal.replace("{0}", dashboardId);

    catch (e) {
        // In a production app, handle exception


The issue is with the way the source IFrame is being fetched from the DOM. This can be solved by replacing the highlighted line of code with the following statement:



This gets the right DOM element and the navigation to report is successful.

mihart Member

Re: Error in Power BI integrate tile documentation

Thanks Roshna,

I've passed this along to the writer of that topic.


Take care,