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leandros Frequent Visitor
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Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

I am also getting the same error message.


My data sources: Dynamics 365, two Excel spreadsheets (not tables) in Sharepoint/One Drive for Business, and a web page.


As I understand it, it's only the web page that has me needing the gateway at all. In any case, I can set up all my connections in the gateway, and it seems satisfied with the credentials I provide (anonymous for the web page, OAuth for the others). But when it comes time for the schedule refresh, the gateway spins for a long time and then returns this error.


I have the on-premises gateway installed, and I've never had any other gateway installed on this machine (it's a virtual machine in AWS, set up specifically for this purpose).


Based on an earlier suggestion in this thread, I looked at my gateway logs. They're just line after line of "Pool cleaner connections removed," whatever that means.

Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

Hi All,


Issue to Mashup datasource errors can be related to may items in a given PowerBI deployment scenario. As suggestion please do the following.

1. Uninstall the gateway 

2. Reinstall the latest version of the gateway from here.

3. Follow the instructions from "here" to update the Mashup engine setting on the gateway pipeline-"Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.Pipeline.GatewayCore.dll.config


This solution resolve most issues associate to Mashup errors. However you can let me know if there solution did not work for you by providing you some information on your deployment scenario. 


Thank you,


leandros Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Unfortunately, they haven't solved my problem.


I am running the gateway on an AWS virtual machine running Windows Server 2012 R2. My data sources are:

1. Dynamics 365

2. Two different Excel workbooks currently stored in Sharepoint.

3. A web page


Today I uninstalled the on-premises gateway from the virtual machine and reinstalled it. This time, I *only* set up the web page data source to go through the gateway in order to test that Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint/One Drive for Business don't need the gateway, which according to everything I can find, they shouldn't. I figured this would also reduce potential points of failure in the gateway setup. 


When the scheduled refresh time came, though, I still got the Mashup data source error. The underlying error message is:

Power BI

The Web.Page function requires Active Scripting to be enabled in Internet Explorer options. See for details on how to enable Active Scripting.


The only trouble is that Active Scripting IS enabled on IE on this box. This is the same underlying error I had before, so I made sure to enable Active Scripting. The error still happens.


Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"



From your reply your using multiple datasources to feed a single visualization, I don't believe the gateway at this point has the capability for multiple datasources scenario until Microsoft release the Poly base solution which would give that capability. 

With that said if your intent is to use the gateway for reporting then I a way of troubleshot can you have a sample PBIX file for each datasource in scope published through the gateway to see which one fails or is successful. This would help us eliminate which data source works and which do not then we can concentrate on find a solution for that then combine the datasources.


Also can you confirm if you did a restart of the gateway and the virtual box after my earlier suggestion?


Do you also have a DataSource created in PowerBI service for each associated datasource in your scope against the gateway.


Thank you,




leandros Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

I greatly appreciate your help and your persistence, but so far nothing I've tried based on the suggestions here seems to be resolving the problem.


Isn't bringing together multiple data sources one of the primary things Power BI does? If it can't do that we all may as well use Excel workbooks and graphs for everything.  I have accessed other reports via the service that have used multiple data sources. I even set up one that used a personal gateway to access its multiple data sources, and it worked. This is the first time I've tried to use what was called the enterprise gateway and is now called the on-premises gateway, but I have trouble imagining that anything that uses the Power BI service can only have a single data source.


The client has no dashboards in its workspace. They operate off the report itself, which was created in Power BI Desktop (and works absolutely fine over there) and which loads to the service and works fine. It just won't refresh itself, so I am refreshing it in Desktop and republishing it to the service for the client every day.


I completely reinstalled the gateway, so I would imagine that counts as a restart. I also did restart the VM, and I'm still getting the same result.


This is terribly frustrating because it seems to be my web page data source that is the only reason I even need a gateway. In my previous attempts, when this error first appeared, I set up all four data sources through the gateway even though the Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint were optional. It didn't work. Today I set up only the web page data source, and it didn't work that way either. 


In the Data Source Credentials section of the Scheduled Refresh page for the dataset in question, it doesn't show any issue connecting to any of the data sources--and for the web page, it is and should be using anonymous access, as it's a public web page.


If I didn't know that I will need to be able to set up gateways for future projects, I would find some other way to get the data I'm currently scraping from the web page and forget all about this gateway business. But I'm sure I will need to be able to get gateways working, so I would love to get to a solution to this problem that will actually work, and I am rapidly running out of possible things to try. 

Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"


To this question-Isn't bringing together multiple data sources one of the primary things Power BI does? As I said in my earlier post this capability is not available using the gateway at this time, until the release of PolyBase solution from Microsoft. 


You need to understand that an overall understanding of the various scenarios in which you can use an on-premise gateway is critical to the very solution you want to deploy for the client. Note that the primary purpose of the gateway is to ensure that data does not get stored in the cloud but rather on the physical location where the datasource is. With that said if I review your overall approach you have a mixture of on-premise datasource i.e two excels and a web base datasource which in my opinion forfeits that rational behind the purpose of the gateway. 


If the desire is use this web page data through a gateway, then I suggest you reconsider the solution approach in either having that data from the web page moved to an actual physical machine then use that through the gateway.

Note that, you would still have the challenge of combining the this new datasource with the excel something that, at this point PowerBI does not support as per my knowledge.  


Thank you,



biki Frequent Visitor
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Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

I had the same issue, but when i restarted the services of On-premises data gateway, it solved! :-) hope it helps!

leandros Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

In my case, I ended up going nuclear on my solution. I pulled the web page table I was scraping into an Excel workbook and put that Excel workbook into Sharepoint with the others. Once everything was in the cloud (Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint), my dataset started updating on its own without the need for a gateway. 


I'd still like to figure out what was going on and why none of the suggested fixes were helping in my case, but I'll worry about that later. In this particular case for this particular client, I had banged my head against the wall enough.

Mamerion Frequent Visitor
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Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

same problem here.

updated the gateway to the latest i.e Sep 2018; refreshed the report in Desktop and re-published it on the Service, still getting the same error message.

referred to the log files on the server and found the follwoing


UserName: MyAdminAccount
MachineName: ServerName

EAD7B167 [DM.EnterpriseGateway] Starting On-premises data gateway service
[DM.GatewayCore] Setting thread pool worker threads = 300, min completion port threads = 300
9D1FD689 [DM.GatewayServiceHost] Starting direct query pool if necessary.
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] Mashup Container Pool DirectQueryPool created.
 [DM.GatewayServiceHost] Direct query pool created True.
[DM.GatewayServiceHost] Starting test connection pool if necessary.
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] Mashup Container Pool TestConnectionPool created.
[DM.GatewayServiceHost] Test connection pool created True.
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] Mashup Test Connection Settings - TestConnectionTimeout: 00:00:50.
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] Mashup Engine Container Settings - ContainerMaxCount: 6. ContainerMaxWorkingSet: 256MB. ContainerTimeToLive: 
[DM.GatewayServiceHost] MashupCustomConnectors = True
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] SetMashupConnectorsProviders: instantiate memory provider with extensions developed for gateway
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] Mashup extension file (R, powerbiextensions.r.mez) exists. Start loading.
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] Mashup extension file (Python, powerbiextensions.python.mez) exists. Start loading.
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] SetMashupConnectorsProviders: instantiate PowerBIExtensions assembly
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] SetMashupConnectorsProviders: instantiate filesystem provider at C:\Users\MyAdminAccount\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors, expanded: C:\Users\MyAdminAccount\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors
[DataMovement.PipeLine.MashupCommon] MashupLibraryProvider filesystem provider did not start. Reason: The directory name C:\Users\MyAdminAccount\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors is invalid.

I am not using any custom connector; so why it is set to True in Mashup engine?


I ended up un-installing and then re-installing the latest version of the gateway to overcome the issue.

fhendrick Frequent Visitor
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Re: Enterprise gateway "cannot connect to the mashup data source"

Hi all,


I had a call with Microsoft, they asked me to put privacy level to PRIVATE in the desktop, re-publish, then set privacy = PRIVATE in the PBI online service too (in the gateway settings we're using).


It solved the issue.