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Eric Regular Visitor
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Enterprise Gateway - Not Configured Correctly - Strange UNC path


We are having trouble scheduling a refresh on a dataset within PBI Service because we cannot successfully connect it to our Enterprise Gateway.


THE PBI Desktop version refreshes fine, without errors, but when published to the PBI Service the Enterprise Gateway shows up as "Not Configured Correctly" even though the data sources are all there and test out fine.  Other datasets in the workspace use the same queries and they run fine, but this particular dataset is strangely different.


After clicking the > under Actions for the desired Gateway, it shows that the PBI Service is looking for a strange UNC file paths for many data sources within the file.  It gives me the option to add each one to the Gateway but they should already be covered by the Folder data source in existence, except that the Service is looking for them in a strange UNC location: 




Note the duplication of the "\" in each part of the UNC path.  I have double checked every query in the report and reviewed every data source in the PBIX file and I can't find any reference that looks like the above.  But, PBI Service continues to search for the erroreous UNC file path.


Here are some of the things we have already tried:


1.  Clear all permissions within the PBIX file and reauthorize each native database query

2.  Delete and recreate data sources online for the Enterprise Gateway

3.  Delete data sources, uninstall the Enterprise Gateway, reinstall the gateway and recretate the data sources

4.  Delete the dataset online and republish it

5.  Publish the dataset to another workspace


We are running out of options and we are stuggling to understand how to solve this problem.  Any help from the PBI community will be appreciated.





Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Enterprise Gateway - Not Configured Correctly - Strange UNC path

Hi @Eric

Which type is your data source? where is it stored? on your local server or online?

Is it a mixed data source? two datasource in the same pbix?


If you connect to a folder (data source) with Power BI Desktop, then publish pbix to Power BI Service, 

when you configure the data source with On-premises gateway

in the gateway setting,you should  select "folder" for "data source type"



Best regards


Eric Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Enterprise Gateway - Not Configured Correctly - Strange UNC path

Thanks for the reply, Maggie.


We have numerous data sources of all types, including: Folders, Files, SQL and ODBC.  They work fine for numerous other datasets but this one particular dataset is problematic because the Service is adding an extra "\" to every source reference and we cannot figure out how or why that is happening for this specific dataset.  It refreshes fine within PBI Desktop but we cannot connect to the Enterprise Gateway because of this odd problem with the data source references.

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Re: Enterprise Gateway - Not Configured Correctly - Strange UNC path



We are having all sorts of trouble getting our gateway up and running as well.  My personal gateway runs like a charm, but the enterprise gateway will NOT refresh.  Getting connection string errors, username/password errors, all sort of really dumb errors.  


Connection to iSeries via ODBC, Oracle DB, and SQL Server.  NONE OF THEM WORK.


Good luck! I'm going to keep this thread open and see if anyone answers your question.