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Email subscription: something went wrong - unable to load the model





My users frequently get the following 'something went wrong' message instead of the subscription email.

It doesn't happen every day, but approximately once a week.

Since this is an image we can't click on the link to see the technical details.  It there something we can do about this?

FYI: we are on premium capacity, the underlying report refreshes normally and we are on version 13.0.6109.164



Sales Panels PRD (002) - (SPN SOX).png


Thank you in advance!


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We are having the same issue in July 2020. 


Microsoft, do you have an update?

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"Microsoft is working on the fix for this issue. Unfortunately we don't have an ETA at this point. One potential workaround that we have for the customer is to embed these report tiles or pages in a dashboard, as this issue only affects reports right now."  Remember to pin the tiles separately to the dashboard not the entire report.

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I'm getting the same error.


Subscription arrives in email fine. Report loads fine. The screen shot says "something went wrong. Unable to load the model...." 


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Continuing to see this issue going into February 2019.  Any updates??

Following - We're having same issue. 

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July 2020: Still having this issue. Why isn't there a solution to this?

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Now June 2019.  Still seeing the issue.

Did anyone got updates from Microsoft?

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I am having the same issue. I submitted a ticket to Microsoft so we will see what they say.

The response from Microsoft below.  Now, the workaround they suggested was literally a cut-and paste from a previous post on this thread.  Basically, don't use the report subscriptions feature, and only use the dashboard subscriptions.




Hello Tim,


Our product team has identified that this is a bug and we are revamping our backend infrastructure to fix.
The ETA for the fix is end of the November.


As the workaround, you can follow  the steps that I have mentioned in the previous email.


Please let me know if you have any queries.


Thank you J

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It is Dember now, and I am still facing the same issue! Is there a ticket number for your conversation with them that I can refer to communicate with Microsoft regarding this?

We are still seeing the same issue.  Microsoft hasn't addressed the issue as promised.

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Hi All,


This is a known issue.The fix will take about 3 months from now. Until then, please apply the below workaround.


Workaround to fix the failed report subscriptions:

  1. For a report that you are seeing the failure on in subscription email, you need to individually pin each visual to a new dashboard (DO NOT use "Pin Live Page" on report) . Then, add the subscription to this new dashboard
  2. Perform step (a) for all reports that you are facing the issue on


Workaround to fix the failed dashboard subscriptions:

  1. The dashboard subscription email have failure, since the dashboard has a Live page pinned to it.
  2. To fix this, you should create a new dashboard but instead of Pin live page from report, you should pin each visual on the report(s) to this new dashboard, and add email subscription to the dashboard.


Is there a ticket that we can reference to track this issue?

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Did anybody find the issue and how to resolve?

Advocate II
Advocate II

Same here. However, it works maybe once a week for us. I've tried recereating the subscriptions many times. There's nothing wrong when you go to the report directly. 

BTW, I have several subscriptions to different data sets and reports. Some work, some don't*. Nothing that immediately indicates why one does work and another doesn't, although it is consistent across pages of the same report whether it works or not.


*When I say "works", I mean works most of the time, and when I say "don't" I mean it doesn't work most of the time. It is never 100% for either case.

Did anyone ever find a solutiont to this???  I'm having the same problem...sounds like i'm not the only one.  And I don't see a marked anwer...

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Same issue here.  On prem gateway refreshing from SQL Server database.  No refresh errors, but still these "sorry, somthing went wrong" messages in the subscription email.  


It seems to happen against reports running against larger, more complicated datasets, could this be a factor?

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Same issue here.

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