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Email Subscriptions Public Preview Feedback

Hello all!


We'd love to hear your feedback on the new email subscriptions feature, now in public preview. Report page subscriptions announcement. Dashboard subscriptions announcement. Documentation.


Please let us know below if you have questions, feature suggestions, or any other feedback!


As the blog post mentions, we will continue to iterate on this feature in the months to come. The list below details the planned improvements, and provides links to their respective UserVoice pages. We encourage you to cast your vote on UserVoice to help us prioritize our next steps!



-Sirui Sun

Program Manager, Power BI

New Member

Hi there!


Is it possible to have this feature available in the PowerBI Rest API?

Thanks in advance

Regular Visitor

Hi there , this is fanatastic feature and i love how it has developed . I do however have a small problem, When unticking the option to "Also give access to this dashboard" and then Save and Close, it reverts back to been ticked when i go back in it the subscription options. The dashboard and report that feeds it are both in workspace. Am i missing something ? 


thank you in advance . 

New Member


Is this function available for both cloud and on-premise? We have on-premise solution, and I do not seem to find Subscription-option.


Advocate I
Advocate I



We use Power BI with an on Premises server.


Is this feature available in the On Premises platform?  Or is it planned to be in the next release?  Or is it planned to not be offerred at all?


Helper I
Helper I


Is it true that only Pro subscribers can take advantage of the subscribe feature?


What about Premium Capacity (non-Pro) members?

Frequent Visitor

We deliver everything to our customers through a content pack, which I understand does not allow them to subscribe to the dashboards or reports delivered to them. The workaround of creating a copy is not feasible based upon the large number of users and their technical abilities. We need to serve things up to them.


If we delivered the content via a workspace, would they be able to subscribe to email notifications for either dashboards or reports?





Please use Apps to deliver your content. Email subscription works fine with Apps.

New Member

Is there an option to subscribe to a particular set of visuals within a report page without duplicating it.

Helper II
Helper II

I've noticed that the email's received differ from the actual dashboard.


For example, on my dashboard I have a table with figures which is current, however, despite this being current the email subscription often shows outdated figures (from the day before).


I'm unsure what the cause of this is - the dashboard itself is accurate but the email subscription is often outdated or only parts of it are accurate - strangely *some* tables are often current with others outdated, never the entire thing.


I really like the idea of email subscription's but at the moment the accuracy of the subscription appears to be wrong as it is often outdated.

Thanks for reaching out! We would love to investigate the issue you are having.
Could you please contact us via with the details, and preferably the relevant PBIX file?


@ellbe and @sirui_sun


I have a report that has multiple subscribed to it.  One person is able to view the snapshot on the email and open up the attachment to see the pic.  However, the two other people subscribed to it are getting a blank pic.   However, when they log in they are able to view the report.  What would cause this?






Hi Rsanjuan,


Can you please forward us such an email to We will reply from there and continue the invetigations.




   - ron

Frequent Visitor

Hi there, 


E-Mail Subscription doesn't work with a report based on "Power BI Service" as a datasource (like in 


Maybe the trigger that the underlying dataset has been updated is missing?

New Member



I have recently started using power bi and the feature are good but very limiting. 


With the subscription, I would like to configure the template that is being used for people who subscript to my report or dashboard. 


I just want the subscribers to receive the image only.  None of the additional context in the body just the report. (that is, the attached email as the body.)

New Member

The OOB KPI visual still does not render well in the email subscriptions:


1) The KPI font size does not scale properly in the email version which results in truncation for items which display fine in the web view.

2) The "Goal" and "Distance" values do not display on the subscription version.

Regular Visitor



I am having this problem of not receiving any email from both reports and dashboards, I am currently using the pro free version for 60 days and I am trying to send emails from my reports, but I have not received anything for days.

My email is the same as my UPN, I contacted GMAIL to check if there is a blocking filter and nothing, I have already changed the alternative email in administration by putting a second email and nothing too.

I'm using Import with gateway updating daily.

Someone could tell me if the problem exists and if Microsoft is handling on some call and has not yet been resolved or everyone is getting to use the functionality except me.

thank you everyone for the attention.

Frequent Visitor

I enabled email subscription on our dashabord which refreshes data twice per day but I never received a single email...
I have data driven alert email on some visuals and they work fine.


Please let me know how to make it working.


Thank you,

Hi Roberto,

Thanks for reaching out.
Can you please send more details (license type you are on, dashboard you are trying to send etc.) to so we can investigate theissue?


Frequent Visitor

1st Still having an issue with iphone, image of a previous mail is displayed, while attached image is ok.


2nd Subscription mail from a dashboard shows time last refreshed as 'one minute ago' which is obvious as the mail is sent just after the first dataset refresh, would be more logical to display the actual refresh datetime, or just suppress it. Display of the refresh datetime in the service is ok. 

Yes iphone Mail app not working. sending wrong embedded dashboards.

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