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ERROR: Failed to send email to invite users. Please try again later. - Sharing a dashboard

I was able to share a dashboard with external users last month. I was doing a PoC to show that we can share our dashboards with internal clients, as well as external. It worked flawlessly, and we were able to view them without issue by signing up a free account for the user it was shared with.


The problem now, is that it is no longer working for external clients!

1.I'm clicking "Share", and then type in an external email.

2.I get the warning "One or more e-mail addresses with the following domains are outside your organization" which is expected. There are no restrictions in Admin settings, so it never stopped me before.

3. Once I click the "share" button, I get an error pop down from the top right of the screen: "Failed to send email to invite users. Please try again later."


This only happens when I use external emails to share. If I try to share within the organization, it works fine. This was already working before, why would it break? Please help!

Advocate II
Advocate II

Almost 2 years later and I had the same problem, and did not find an "official" solution.


I unchecked the option to send e-mail but got the same error message.

So I did just like @mah said and tried it on Microsoft Edge, and it worked!


Not sure why, but it worked Smiley LOL

I had same problem, but then it worked once I took out the link to a demo video I had in the personal message

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This is happening to me also. Was working 2 weeks ago and has now just stopped. According to this post it should work for everyone without any required work arounds:


I'm guessing there is a bug.

Hi all


just had an incident raised by a user who has the same problem but when trying to email invite internal users? Any ideas?



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I found a solution to this issue. We are using Premium embedded which means our company should have been able to share externally. I wasn’t our Office 360 or Azure global admin for Microsoft and there is a setting prohibiting members in Azure from sharing externally. I had to ask our global admin to change the setting so that I could share externally. Screenshot is attached.


I believe there is a way to do this in Powershell as well for individuals.


PowerBI Sharing.jpg

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Hi all,


I get a different behavior when I tried sharing from Internet Explorer rather than Google Chrome. From Google Chrome I get the same error message, regardless if I uncheck send e-mail option, but in Internet Explorer I get another error message (unchecked send e-mail), but report is shared.


This seem to be a JS error or something browser based.


So solution for me was to switch to IE. Haven't tried FF though, so might work differently there as well.

I have the same issue,  "Failed to send email to invite users. Please try again later."

However I tried in tried in Edge, Chrome and IE all the same result.



This also works with Power BI Pro licenses.


Also exist one more solution.
Office 365 Admin can add new guest user without turn on global option [Member can invite external users].


And then you can share content to this external user.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I am having the same issue. I am able to share with internal users . Getting failed message when trying to share with external users. Please fix ASAP. thanks,

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The same issue here 😞



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Does anybody know of any work-arounds where you can share a report with external users, without publishing to web?

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Hey bbeauchamp - Have you made any progress on this? We are having the same issue

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Not resolved yet, no.


One thing I've been looking into is Azure AD B2B:


However my enterprise Azure AD is managed by someone at a location half way around the world. This would not be the optimum solution, but may work if you had Amin over Azure AD. Doesn't work in my case sinse nobody in my organization knows who's Admin.

Advocate I
Advocate I


I have the same issue.

I've created simple dashboard based on excel file for testing sharing to external users.
But when I share dashboard to e-mail addresses which is outside of organization I get error:
"Failed to send email to invite users. Please try again later."


Error is shown when is selected [Send email notification to recipients].
When I share dashboard without selected [Send email notification to recipients] I recived:
"Success! Your dashboard has been shared successfully."


But the main goal is send email to external users with link to Power BI dashboard.


Really appreciate any help.

@anosul Said:

Error is shown when is selected [Send email notification to recipients].
When I share dashboard without selected [Send email notification to recipients] I recived:
"Success! Your dashboard has been shared successfully."



So I tried what you mentioned above, and I get the same behavior. If I uncheck [Send email notification to recipients] it will say "Success! Your dashboard has been shared successfully.", but even if I share the link myself, that user still cannot view it. Upon checking the Access Panel, I see the invited users name with "Cancel Invite", while the owner has "Read and Share".


This is really frustrating, because it was a proven thing to be working in the past, and now I look like a fool to my clients for being unable to share something I "proved" I could in the PoC.




I meet exactly the same scenario. If click "Send email notification to recipients", the sharing is failed. Although unclick that, system can share successfully. But external user cannot view the dashboard even after clicking Dashboard Link that I shared.

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