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Helper II

Download entire dataset behind the report\dashboard



I have a report with 3 charts and a matrix and it all comes from one dataset. So one of the users want to download the detailed data, but the problem is there is no option to download all the data in the dataset. They have to click on each chart and then select export to excel. 


Is there way to download all the data available in that dataset?

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Hi @srik


An user can download the dataset by exporting the pbix file from PBI Service,

if he has edit rights for the specific report and your administrator has not turned off the export data feature.


For more informations about this feature, please read


Please be aware that:

"For now, the preview feature can only download reports that originated from Power BI Desktop. If your report originated from the Power BI service either via a cloud dataset or a content pack, we can't open it in Power BI Desktop yet. Stay tuned for updates in this area - we plan to extend this feature to other types of reports. "

I dont know if I'm confusing here. But I want to download the underlying detail\raw data in dataset.

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this is not possible at the moment.

You can download the data of a visual ("export to excel") or download the whole report with the data in a pbix file.


@Anonymous is correct.  Assuming the user has edit permissions to dataset, downloading the report as a .pbix file is the only way that I know of.  And then opening the .pbix in Desktop.

Hi @srikIt may depend on how the report was shared with them.  If @Anonymous 's response didn't solve your problem, it may be because of how the report was shared. Can you supply more details? Which tool is the user using (Desktop, service), how was the report created, how did the user get the report - was it shared as a content pack, for example. If the user is in service can they open the dataset itself, or is only the report available to them?


- Michele

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