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Distribute to large audience

Hello ! 


I would like to know what would be your best approach regarding the following subject :


We have Premium licence.

We would like to deploy a generic report (containing composite model) to different clients (let say 100 with 150 users each) on our tenant. The report has a parameter called "Warehouse" which connect to the related client's warehouse. 

A client is not allowed to see other client's report/application name and needs to only get access to his own report/application.

How in general would you do distribute a report respecting these conditions?


For the moment, i've created a workspace for 1 client, published the report into it, and then created an application.

I was thinking of repeating that process for all clients, creating AAD Security groups, and then updating each app permission with the related AAD Security group ? But i'm not sure that the best way to handle that solution. 

What do you think ?


Thanks in advance,

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Super User II

Hi @grangema 


It would appear that this is your best option considering your data size and requirements from the business.

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Super User II

Hi @grangema 


Why not just use Row Level Security and based on the logged in user they will just see the warehouse associated to their data?

This will save you a lot of time and effort and only need to maintain one report


here are details how to create RLS: Power BI Desktop Dynamic security cheat sheet - Kasper On BI

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Hi @GilbertQ


Thanks for your answer. 

I know how RLS is working, i'm already using it inside this model to manage a part of the security.

Your option would be a good one if we were allowed to mix data between our different clients. And the volumetry is also huge for each datawarehouse, making me do that split by report for better performance in addition to the import part with my composite model.


Do you have any other idea ?

I didn't mention it, but my source is BigQuery and native query is not available yet (planned for September).


Thank you,

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