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Disable data export



Is there any settings where you can diasble data export for particular tiles in the dashboard?


We have a treemap showing the revenue contribution of all our customers (1000+). The treemap is a visual way to represnt all our customer but we dont want users to be able to export revenue.




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I am looking for an answer to this also.  We need the ability to turn off data export from specific visualisations which contain data that is sensitive when in raw csv format

Your users can access this data from any internet-connected machine, and on any number of mobile devices, on and off premises. Any visual in a dashboard or report can be interacted with to see exact values of measures contained therein. All of these devices allow screenshotting of reports. Computers additionally allow printing.


In many scenarios, users will additionally be able to create new reports, e.g. a matrix or table that lists all of this information in a nice tabular format. These new reports can additionally be printed and screenshotted.


How on earth do you trust users with that sort of power, but a CSV is a step too far?

The solution of disabling export and analyse in excel at a tenant level is far too blunt for our purposes. It also means that it does not work for Power BI Embeded. I agree that what is needed is a way to trun off export at an individual visual level or at minimum a dashboard level and analyse in excel at a dashboard level from the Desktop file. This way the controls would work across the service and also embeded files. Hopefully this is somthing will come soon as the lack of control is a major stumbling block for the role out of our dashboards to external users who we do not want to be able to export and use analyse in excle and gain access to our entire database.

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