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Helper III
Helper III

Direct Query Dataset and Report do not match?

Have a dataset that is DirectQuery to a SQLServer database/table.


Have a report built on that dataset.


When I manually refresh the dataset, then check the report - the two do not match (sometimes they will, sometimes they don't).  Meaning: The report doesn't show the last few records that I can clearly see in the SQL table..


IF I do a manual refresh of dataset, build a quick table report on a new tab, the new table report shows the correct data...But the existing report doesn't -- each is based off the exact same table/field


Am I missing something?




Super User III
Super User III

Re: Direct Query Dataset and Report do not match?

@Chas2002 This largely depends on what you are doing. If you immediately check the report after you refresh the dataset it is highly likely you will need to manually refresh the report. This initiates a refresh from the dataset, otherwise it may still show the cached data.

The dataset, report, and dashboard are seperate elements. The normal process is that there is a cached dataset that is in place so the reports don't break during a refresh. An automated process runs (on some schedule) to refresh the report and dashboard after a dataset has been updated. The reason your new report works is because it is looking at the latest data you just pulled. The existing report has a cached set you need to manually update if you want instant results.

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