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Deployment pipeline - Update on table set for incremental refresh



I am using Deployment pipeline on a dataset which is using incremental refresh. I understand the limitations which are posted in the docs:

  • Republishing a dataset that doesn't use incremental refresh, to replace a dataset that has incremental refresh enabled.

  • Renaming a table that has incremental refresh enabled.

  • Renaming non-calculated columns in a table with incremental refresh enabled.

We get below error whenever we try to deploy the using deployment pipeline while using incremental refresh and changing something in same fact:





We are ok with loosing data in destination. Is there an option to just overwrite the dataset in destination even if there is change in the fact with incremental refresh enabled? We can refresh complete data again.




Power BI Team
Power BI Team

We have the option to choose to continue the deployment,

even if it means to drop the data.


See more info here.

View solution in original post

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

We have the option to choose to continue the deployment,

even if it means to drop the data.


See more info here.

View solution in original post

Great, thanks for the update!


As I understand it, if a table or column gets a breaking change, the entire target dataset will be emptied and need a full refresh, not just the affected table, correct?


Is there documentation that describes what counts as a breaking change?


Thanks again!

Since this is eventually an AS model, you can try and search in the AS documentation.

However, there are so many options and so many different situations that can cause that, that it might be impossible to fully document it. 

Ok, then there are some other issue. Because we have an situation that we limited the decimal numbers from 9 to 4 (column type from decimal numer to fixed decimal number) and tried to deploy the new version using deployment pipeline but faced the can't stat deployment -error message. What I understand we should get this continue deployment dialog but we just get the can't start deployment dialog and because of that we can't do the deployment at all.

Can you share the exact error message you get, as well as the tech details in the message? we can then take a look and better help out.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hi @VishalSukhija,

we are working right now to enable this scenario exactly.

should be live within 1-2 months. 

Any news related to this? We have just encountered the similar situation and we are eager to hear if this is now possible to solve.

Just encountered this same issue. I can't republish as the changes are in a Tabular Editor .bim file, not in Power BI Desktop. Is this feature still in the works?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @VishalSukhija 


According to the docs about deployment pipeline, it seems this is by design to avoid a data loss. I haven't found any workaround to this.


You may post an idea about this feature and the development team will know about it.




Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Jing Zhang

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