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Dataset Refresh Email notifications not being sent - delivered?



I've got a problem with Power BI refresh failure email notifications:

1) I'm using Personal Gateway

2) When I go to 'Schedule Refresh'  the option 'send refresh failure notification email to me' (what does that mean to me?)

3) Because my account is configured with azure on the same page above it says 'This dataset has been configured by+'my email' that email is the email configured as 'alternate' email n my azure account

4) When I take gateway offline and refresh fails I don't get any notifications?

5) Is is possible that because I'm uisng email to logon, notifications are being sent to that email rather than alternate email address as configured in the Azure



Any help would be appreciated.





Community Champion
Community Champion

@zondan email address that you would have used to sign in to powerbi and would have published from powerbi desktop will receive email when schedule refresh fails.



I sign in with '' email which means that if the notification is sent there is no chance it can be delivered as '' is not a valid email address. I was under impresion that this is why you set up alernative email address in Azure so in this case it can be delivered to that instead of


Is there any workaround or this is another bug that need to be fixed?





I would also like to change the email address that the notifications are sent to.  Did you find a resolution for this?

Actually I did just discover, that if you go to Manage Gateways, then you can change the contact address there.  I have not yet tested it but hopefully that will do it.

Hi Bruce,


Did changing email in the Gateway Properties helped? Did you managed to test this?




Unfortunately no it did not.  I did set it to my correct email account in the gateway properties.  But when the synchronise fails I do not receive any mails.  Not going to spam or anything like that.  I tried with several different mail accounts from differing mail providers.   Luckily for me synchronizing rarely fails now as I moved the gateway to a different, much more stable server environment, so this is less of an issue, but still an issue for me.  Nothing worse than the MD rushing over at month end complaining that the "system is broken again".

Another test you might be able to do, is to create a data alert, and set it to a value that you know will trigger the data alert to send an email and notification.


Then you should get the notification in your Mobile App as well as in the Power BI service, and finally hopefully get it via email if you configured it to email you also?


You can also use Microsoft Flow for data alerts from Power BI to send it to a Email distribution group.


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Thanks, I'll look at it and see if that helps. 



Just wondered whether you managed to find a way to resolve this?


I've got the same issue where we are using an O365 user account as a Power BI login that doesn't have a mailbox attached, so there is no email / inbox for the notifications to be sent to.





For me the standard gateway alert never worked, I was unable to specify another email address.

However, luckily since then we have very few issues with the gateway.  So it has not been as important.

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