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Dataflow Incremental Refresh

I have a dataflow which is getting data from OneDrive every week. The time is referenced by Week number & Year(number). Using these 2 columns, I have created a datetime column(month), where




Using this month column, how can I set incremental refresh for the dataflow, so that only new/uploaded(on OneDrive) data gets refreshed, whereas remaining stay as it is.


I want the data from last 2 years only i.e. for 20th Sep,2020 I want the data from 20th Sep,2018 till 20th Sep,2020

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Memorable Member

hi @Yash_Ag - You can refer to the detailed Microsoft documentation for setting up incremental refreshes on dataflows


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Hi @Yash_Ag ,


1.A DateTime column is required in the table.(YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)
2.In your case ,filter by this DateTime feld and  set "Store rows from the past " as 2,  "Refresh rows from the past " as 7.

  Here is the official document.


In addition,If you want to Get Data from Power BI Dataflows and set Incremental refresh, follow these steps: 

1.Create parameter “RangeStart” and “RangeEnd” in Query Editor 
2.Right-click table name in Filed tab --> Select Incremental Refresh --> Input Store data for the most recent X days (e.g. 2 Years) and keep refreshing the data for the most recent 7 days (e.g. the last 5 days), if the day is not finished, just refresh to yesterday.

3.Publish to service --> Configure gateway -->Configure scheduled refresh.


You could take a look at this document  for more information.


Did I answer your question ? Please mark my reply as solution. Thank you very much.

If not, please upload some insensitive data samples and expected output.


Best Regards,

Eyelyn Qin

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