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Advocate II

Data not complete after refresh

Hi guys,


I'm experiencing a very worrying issue. Altough the refresh log tells me that the scheduled refresh of my report was successful, the data isn't complete. I rechecked the data via the data export tool and the analyze in excel feature (very nice btw) and had to find out that only about 50% of one table were loaded.


Did anybody experience this issue before? Could it be related to a limited import capacity?


Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


Frequent Visitor

We are having the same issues of succesful refresh but incomplete/incorrect data being displayed on the dashboard.


We are also connected to an SSAS cube.


We are thinking of making our huge dataset POWER BI dashboards refresh at like 2AM so it won't refresh the same time with other dashboards.



We will appreciate it if you can please let us know if you guys have come up with a better solution.

Lately this issue has become worse and worse. Although it shows a successful refresh in the refresh history, the data is not complete.


The reason for this as it seems is that we run into our traffic limit, but no error message is thrown. This needs to be fixed asap. Users have no indication that the data they are using is not complete and think something is going wrong with our poduct.


Some help would be highly appreciated.


Thanks and best,


Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor



It seems we have similar issues. I have posted mine in this thread


I'd rather think the issue in my case is due to  PowerBI schedule refresh reading data from the SSAS cube at the moment when some of cube's partitions are being processed. Can this be the reason in your case?

@Tsanka yes, the result in both our cases seem to be the same. However, I load multiple tables from our postgreSQL database and only experience these issues on one of the tables, not on all of them. I could think of two possible causes for that:


1. This table gets updated as the last one in my dataset and hits the 1M rows/hour limit and the update is stopped. In this case it would be good if we could get a notification that the limit has been reached.


2. The processing/calculation of my data and the calculated columns causes the refresh to stop after a certain time. In this case an error message should be given.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

I suppose that if it is the 1M row limitation, than you should not be able to make 2 on-demand refreshes of your dataset run one immediately after the other.


May be this can eliminate one of the possible causes.


@sguenther What is your dataset/source and I'm assuming this is a scheduled refresh? How much data are you processing? Could you be hitting the 1M rows/hour limit?

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@Seth_C_Bauer the data source is a postgreSQL database. And yes, I could be hitting the 1M rows per hour limit. Is the limit per account or per data set?

@sguenther Details here. Looks like per dataset

Looking for more Power BI tips, tricks & tools? Check out the site I co-own with Mike Carlo. Also, if you are near SE WI? Join our PUG Milwaukee Brew City PUG

@Seth_C_Bauer thanks a lot for the link. I just rechecked the number of rows in my dataset and found out that I'm still sligthly under the 1M rows/hour limit.


However, on the table, which I'm experiencing these issues on, there is a very extensive calculation step performed on (Multiple nested IF loops), which can't be avoided. Might this cause this issue or should it give me a refresh error if this calculation step couldn't be performed?

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