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GreeffR Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Data Alerts on KPI object not working

Good Day,


I have data in a KPI subject that is over the amount at which I need a alert to be sent.   Just for some context, I set the trigger at a lower amount then the KPI is, and the database at the moment will not be updated with any new information.  My question is, why does the trigger not work? 


I have refreshed the database on the Service, in my opinion the alert should trigger now.  




KPI object before alert set : 950

Alert set at anything over 900 (Just for testing whether it works or not)


Does this somehow not get applied because it was higher when I created the alert?


Please let me know if anyone has any insight, and thanks in advance !




Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Data Alerts on KPI object not working

Hi @GreeffR

Please read through this article to know the limitation.

  • Alerts are currently not supported for Bing tiles, or card tiles with date/time measures.
  • Alerts only work with numeric data types.
  • Alerts only work on data that is refreshed. They do not work on static data. ->even you have "refreshed" the database on Service, but as you said, "the database at the moment will not be updated with any new information".
  • Alerts will only work on streaming datasets if you build a KPI/card/gauge report visual and then pin that visual to the dashboard.
  • also if you have pinned a live report to a dashboard, that will not work as expected.


Best Regards