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cmn Member

Dashboards are not refreshing straight away for On Premise SSAS tabular

Can someone please explain the rules around dashboard refresh times?  We have dashboards connected to an on premise SSAS Tabular model, using the Enterprise Gateway.  The model is refreshed every morning, and finishes around 8:00am.


The is what I have experiences so far:


  • If I open the dashboard on iPhone, the tiles do not immediately update.  There is a delay of around 30 minutes before they are updated autmatically.
  • If I manually refresh the dashboard on my iPhone (by dragging down), it still does not update the data.
  • If I open the dashboard on the PowerBI web site, the dashboards are still displaying yesterdays data.
  • If I manually refresh the dasboard (Refresh Dashboard Tiles option), it still does not display updated data.
  • If I open one of the reports, it still displays yesterday's data.
  • If I refresh the report (by clicking the Refresh button), the data updates, but it also instantly updates the dashboard data on my iPhone, without me having to touch it.

I accept that it may take 30 minutes or so to automatically update dashboard data, but surely if someone manually selects the refresh options, it should be going to the server and getting the most recent data, rather than continuing to use cached data.


Is my experience the same as other users, or is there potentially something wrong at our end?


cmn Member

Re: Dashboards are not refreshing straight away for On Premise SSAS tabular

This post is getting losts of views but no responses.  Does that mean that no one else is experiencing any problems with dashboard tiles refreshing?


I have set up a new test.  I have a new, simple model (on prem SSAS tabular).  It has some dimensions which are calculated columns that extract the current Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second:








I have set up a sql job to process the cube every 5 minutes, and created a Power BI report & dashboard that simply displays the columns in a table.  I am seeing similar behaviour as I explained in my original post - the dashboard tiles do not seem to be updating.  Is there anyone - maybe someone from MS - who understanding how On Prem data should be updating on dashboard tiles.  If I choose the 'Refresh' option when dislaying a dashboard on either my iOS app or the web site, surely it should go the on prem server and get the latest data, rather than using cached data from somewhere?


I would really appreciate any comments or feedback from anyone who is using the Enterprise Gateway with on prem SSAS tabular data.  Are we the only ones experiencing this type of problem?  Are we the only ones really using the functionality?



vishal0soni Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Dashboards are not refreshing straight away for On Premise SSAS tabular

Few things that i noticed in recent days:

- When we create a report first and pin some element to a dashboard, then the dashboard elements do not update automatically even if the report data is updated. What we are doing is that after making updates in the report, we need to delete the existing element from the dashboard, and repin the element back to same dashbaord to view the changes made.


- When working with Group Workspaces, there are few issues with data integration from various sources. Often we realized that things working on the personal workspace wont work in same way in a Group Workspace (we were working on integration of Excel Spreadsheet from One Drive with Power BI report).

ankitaanchan Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Dashboards are not refreshing straight away for On Premise SSAS tabular

Same issue faced...

I have to everytime  refresh the data at report level but still the refresh numbers do not reflect at the dashboard.

Either I have to pin the tiles again to the dashboard or click refresh now option.

Please help in resolving this issue asap.

mclijsters Visitor

Re: Dashboards are not refreshing straight away for On Premise SSAS tabular

I have the same issue.

Does anybody knows if this is resolved?

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