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Dashboard with pinned live page not automatically refreshing

I have a data generator pumping events into EventHub, which is read by ASA which writes out the data to a PBI dashboard. I see the dashboard automatically updating when I have, for example, a Line chart pinned to the dashboard. However, if I use Pin Live Page to the report it will not automatically refresh. If I click Refresh dashboard tiles it will also not refresh. If I refresh the whole browser page it will refresh. Is this a bug?

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Helper I

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Hi observed the same behaviour. Plus the last refresh date format reflecting on live page and for tiles are different. 

For Tiles:

last Refreshed: Few Secound ago

For live pages:

last refreshed: date in mm:dd:yyyy hh:mm format

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Continued Contributor

Hi guys,


This is the answer of the support team (my support case #116051692426944)


"Refreshing live page tiles is currently not supported by Power BI. You need to pin individual tiles to dashboard, instead of pinning whole report."


Sorry for the bad news.


Best regards


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If this is the case why are they called 'Live' pages?

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@Artefx,  this is exactly the question I put to them...


The support engineer's answer was


"My understanding is that, by pinning the report to the live page, a static report is attached to the live page which have the functionality of further drill down or filtering. A change in the underline data will not be reflected on the report which is pinned to the live page until it is refreshed. Whereas, if we pin the tiles in the report is individually pinned to the Live page the user whoever has got the access to the page will be able to refresh it by clicking the ‘Refresh dashboard tiles”. I think the idea behind keeping it like this is to load the dashboard/live page as quickly as possible. Then the user can refresh it if he want by checking the last refresh time. Another thing that noticed in the course of this case, if there are more than one user accessing the same live page at the same time, if any of the user refreshes the tiles, will update the tiles for all the users accessing the page.


Another reason to keep it in this way is, normally the dashboards are a collection of aggregations/summary, which obviously a very time consuming process (could take several minutes). This will cause a delay in loading the dashboard."


The guy assured me that he will follow the case and if the PG recognizes the issue and introduces something for fixing it, he will let me know.

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Did some google'ing and found this thread - I guess this isse has not been solved cause I have the same problem?  Pin Live Page does not autorefresh but Pinning visuals does. 



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Perhaps related:


During the past two days I have started noticing that live dashboard tiles are not refreshing, or are lagging by minutes, and sometimes hours to the live data feed.   I've even seen tiles go completely blank, and the refresh timestamps for the tiles are often out of sync.


Analysis of the recordsets reveal that new data is coming in and a manual refresh of the dashboard page updates,  but the page is not properly auto-updating.

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Continued Contributor



I observe the same behaviour with one slight clarification - the dashboard tiles different from a live page are refreshed by the service. The pinned live pages - not.


Did you get any response on that issue?


Best regards


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