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Dashboard tiles not always updating after a scheduled refresh


I have a work related case where we would like to display some statistics on multiple TV monitors throughout our office landscape using Power BI. We have a premium workspace with 48 scheduled refreshes a day (every half hour) which is feching content from an Azure SQL Database.

The issue is that the content of my pinned dashboard tiles does not always update after a scheduled refresh has been completed. I also find it strange that if there are multiple instances of the same Power BI app open on different devices, some of them do update while others do not.

The underlying dataset seems to update without any issues, but why doesn't my pinned dashboard tiles reflect these changes consistently?


We have tried using both Chrome and Edge without any luck.

Any advice on how we could solve this issue?


@Anonymous I believe the refresh cycles are on different schedules. That means that the dataset will refresh, and then after about 15 minutes (or maybe since the last time it was scheduled) the dashboard will refresh again. So, if that cycle completes right before your dataset refresh is done, you wait a full 15 minutes, if the dataset refresh completes right before your dashboard refresh kicks off, you would wait 1 minute... (Something to that effect). In terms of refreshing a screen, I've heard the best results are always driven by third party plug-ins that will initiate a page refresh.

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We have been testing our Power BI app on a few different screens these last days and noticed that some of the screens sometimes end up hours behind on updating our data, but then suddenly manages to catch up again a few refresh cycles later.

Regarding using 3rd party plug-ins, I've seen a few threads on this community site where people append a chromeless query string (?chromeless=1) to their app url combined with a browser extension for refreshing their app on a timed interval. 

However, I feel there are some drawbacks with going for such a solution. To elaborate, our Power BI application is to be used at multiple different office locations so losing out on the ease of use of Power BI by requiring additional setup is really unfortunate. Scaling the content of our Power BI dashboard to fit different screens also becomes more of a hinderance (versus entering full screen mode and clicking "fit to screen" once).

Thanks for your reply @Seth_C_Bauer , I really appreciate you helping me out 🙂

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