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Rocky_Raccoon New Member
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Dashboard Fails Initially to Render on Safari - Requires Resize or Zoom

This is more of a bug submission than a question - please let me know if there's a better place to submit bugs. However, I do have some questions as a result of our experience.


On Safari (the version that shipped with El Capitan), our dashboards fail to render on their inital load in the browser window. We are working on a MacBook.


We could view the title of the dashboard, but it is only text. We noticed that we could view the visualizations, i.e. charts, if we clicked "Go to Report" from the dropdown on the dashboard (the "..." menu to the far right).


We tried Firefox and Chrome on the MacBook, and the dashboards worked.


Then, we simply tried Command + - to zoom out, and the dashboard seemed to refresh, and the visualizations became visible. We then re-created the workaround by trying Command + + to zoom in, as well as selecting "Actual Size" from the View menu in Safari.


It seemed like there's maybe an inital variable that needs to get set that doesn't get set until the dashboard is refreshed and/or re-sized. We also believe that the MacBook's Retina display or dpi setting may be having some impact on screen resolution, or what the browser detects as the screen resolution.


Our understanding is that the current version of Power BI uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, rather than Silverlight, to present content. Is this correct? Where can we find more information about the way visuals are rendered?


Additionally, we are curious if Power BI uses iframes and if so, what relationship iframes would have to this situation that we countered with Safari?


Ultimately is this an issue with Power BI or Safari, and as content creators, is there anything we can do to ensure that our Safari users on Macbook will see the dashboards when they are intially loaded?